funeral clothes

As amusing as it may have been then,
it’s not so funny now as Barry Delaney
cries for his friend and fallen Black Watch
soldier Private Kevin Elliott who died
while on foot patrol in the southern
province of Helmand, Afghanistan on
August 31. Private Kevin Elliott and his
friend, Barry Delaney, had agreed that
whoever survived the other should
wear a dress to the dead man’s funeral.
Mr Delaney duly fulfilled the pledge as
a tribute to the 24 year old Private Elliott
who was laid to rest at St Mary’s church
in the city centre somewhere in the UK.


sourtoe cocktail

Going directly into the weird department is this little offering,
the sourtoe cocktail. Good grief man, how gross. No thanks for
me, I’ll just watch. Funny thing about this is that there have
been to date eight toes used in this drink. The first one was
swallowed and never recovered. I’m not sure how the last six
after that met their demise but it was probably due to swallowing
also. With the exception of the first toe used in this drink, the
last seven have all been donated. The last donated toe arrived
in a jar of alcohol with a note reading, “Don’t wear open toed
sandals while mowing the lawn.” LOFL! And there you go.


safe on the web? hardly

Beware of what you upload to the internet and beware of
what you download from the internet ought to be the first
rules of cyberspace. For all I know, they probably are. I’ve
never actually read the cyberspace rulebook before. Now
take a good look at the picture above.

How would you like to find one of your pictures that you
have uploaded to your Facebook or Myspace or regular
webpage blown up to life size and plastered to the window
of some store in another country. Well, that’s what happened
to the family pictured above. Check it out.

Incidentally, if you google image “happy family” and set the
advanced preferences to extra large files, there they are.
And boy! is it a huge picture file. Like 23.5 MB big and high


net disaster

This is a pretty comical page. You can desicrate any web page you want
with a variety of interesting and/or disgusting weapons at your disposal.
You can have a dog run all over the page pooping on it or have a tornado
suck all the words off the page. You can send some guy walking across
the page vomiting all over it. Check it out, it’s a trip.