unhappy hipsters

It’s lonely in the modern world and this blog does a nice job
of bringing this phenomenon to our attention. Now that the
problem has been identified, a diagnosis should follow soon.
Thank God and try not to laugh too hard at these people.

Maybe naming him Rimbaud wasn’t such a good idea.

(Photo: Ake E:son Lindman; Dwell, February 2009)



what’s up with that?

We here at admit-one are beginning to wonder if this blog
is really worth it or not. I can just about count the number
of comments left here in the month of November on two
hands. There are a very select few people that comment
on some of the posts with sporatic regularity while there
are around 1500 hits on this blog on a good day. Perhaps
this type of random entry blog is basically obsolete in this
day and age. I don’t know, you tell me. I’m willing to bet
that this post gets only two comments not counting any
replys that I make.

Update: Jan 8, 2009

Boy, was I wrong! Thanks to everyone for your support.

I really appreciate it.


Rapid De-Pressurization and Panic at 30K Feet

grab the oxygen mask

Boy, what a day. In what started as a
typical flight home from a typical holiday
weekend, changed drastically twenty
minutes after take off. My fiancée and I
were returning from a few days in Seattle
when the unthinkable happened to us,
our Alaska MD-80 Airplane tore a hole
in it’s fuselage at 30K feet.

An incredible read and story.

Alaska Flight #536

Alaska Air is no stranger to air disasters…

Another recent Alaska Air tragedy


MetroGnome on the PCT

amazing sight, a snow cave

I had to post this picture, it’s just so awesome.
A snow cave in the southern Sierras along the
Pacific Crest Trail. This guys PCT journal is a
very nice read and the pictures are just awesome.
Do yourself a favor and read this from the beginning.
Unfortunately, “MetroGnome”,the owner of this
PCT journal, had to quit the PCT due to muscle
loss and giardia. Pete hiked over 1000 miles.

Here is Pete’s, “MetroGnome’s”, PCT Journal



hobo dog

I think if I were ever to become
a homeless guy reduced to begging
for change on the sidewalk, I’d want
a dog like this to hang out with me.
He looks like he can secretly talk, but
he’ll only do it with hobos.

A weblog of nothing but pictures of dogs tied up to
things and left to wait for their masters. Weird stuff,
but this blog owner is from San Francisco…
Whaddya expect?



Hanzi Smatter

Tian is the blog owner

This site is great. I often see chinese and Japanese

characters on people, clothes, walls (graffiti) and cars. Many times the owners don’t know what they say or
are misrepresented. Funny stuff. Cool site.

Dedicated to the misuse of Chinese characters
in western culture.