make a suicide resolution for 2010

Are you ready to ditch your e-life for good? Are you sick of
tweeting and getting tweeted all the time? Does your face feel
like it’s been pressed in a book for too long now? Do you want
your life back? Well it’s time to commit web suicide 2.0.

Interestingly enough, Facebook doesn’t want you to commit
web suicide. Facebook has banned the following web site from
giving you back a life. follow the suicidemachine link to read
more about it.


The DinKey has moved

Now that GeoCities is history, I had to find a new
home for my DinKey sale website and I did just that.
The DinKey’s new home is at I am very
happy with them so far and I am grateful that they
offer free website hosting like GeoCities used to. Of
course there will be advertisements like Geocities
had but I don’t think they will be nearly as intrusive.
All in all, I think is going to work out just
fine for me and you should consider if you
have a need to put up a personal web presence too.

The DinKey can now be found at:

Try the link, let me know if it works.

Try this one…


net disaster

This is a pretty comical page. You can desicrate any web page you want
with a variety of interesting and/or disgusting weapons at your disposal.
You can have a dog run all over the page pooping on it or have a tornado
suck all the words off the page. You can send some guy walking across
the page vomiting all over it. Check it out, it’s a trip.



Continuing the art form of graffiti into the digital relm
seems to be the goal of the WiiSpray project. Pick up
your Wii remote spray can interface, load your favorite
picture and then procede to spray paint over it with
any color/colors you want. There, doesn’t that sound
fun? Practice your favorite tag before you dress up in
black and hit the freeway under passes. I predict this
will be a hit.
I wonder if the Wii remote has that marble clacking
sound when you shake it? If it doesn’t, that’s my idea.
I copyright it! :)