escape pod, sci-fi at it’s best


I just started listening to one of my favorite science fiction
podcasts again. It’s called Escape Pod and it is one of the
best sci-fi podcasts out there. I was there at the beginning
of Steve Eley’s Podcast when it came to life back in 2005 and
used to listen religiously. But then life went this way and that
and next thing I knew, 200 plus episodes passed me by.

There is one consolation however. I have a ton of great Sci-fi
to listen to virtually anytime I want now, thanks to smart phones
and smart cars and I am looking forward to many many hours of
awsome sci-fi for a long time to come… That is, until I catch

One thing does bother me though, I have to admit, I’m not sure
I like not hearing Steve’s voice either hosting the show or
reading the stories. Where did you go Steve? Actually, I am
certain I will find out sooner or later as I progress through
the episodes and locate the changing of the guard.

If you are a Science fiction fan, you will certainly enjoy listening
to Escape Pod. Go ahead, give it a listen.


mars attacked!

Tonights the night…

At around 10:30pm tonight, JPL and NASA will hopefully land
the newest mars rover successfully on the martian surface.
The landing will be accomplished by an altogether new concept
than their previous rover landings by using a rocket powered
sky crane. Lets all hope the rover makes a successful landing
and provides us with a ton of awsome science!

For live coverage of the Mars Science Laboratory landing, be
sure to click the following link tonight around 10:00pm Pacific,
1:00am eastern.

– - – U P D A T E - – -

Curiosity has landed safely with it’s wheels down on the
martian surface! According to the Data, Curiosity landed
perfectly and exactly as planned. Congratulations to all
the hard work and dedication of all the JPL gang in good
old Pasadena that made this historic event happen, and
right on time!

A very happy JPL tech dude. Don’t know who…


steam’s corner: LAVC vapemeet

LA Vapers Club Vapemeet, Clubhouse 66 – Glendora, CA 10-8-11

I just wanted to say thank you to Darrin of the LA Vapers Club for
doing another stellar job of hosting yet another Vapemeet for all the
Southern California vapers out here. I have attended 3 meets now
and have had a total blast each time so again, thanks Darrin, your
efforts are greatly appreciated by me and all of us, I’m sure.

Now vapemeets are a lot of fun but it’s our local vendors that
really make the meet-ups pop! So a huge thank you to all of our
vendors who bring merchandise for sale and provide samples and
give aways for our raffle. Your generosity is matched only by
your great friendship. We really appreciate you being here.

And lastly, there are a few vendors that I’d like to thank personally
because they have always been there to help me and provide me
with the best vaping experience I can have. is an awesome site and two of the coolest people
I know, Sayer and Ayse. All us vapers could get along just fine with
Bombay alone! is the first Internet store I bought vaping
accessories from. The team at Liberty Flights is top notch and
they take Pay Pal. Not many vape vendors do, thanks to Pay Pal’s
retarded no tobacco policy. is a company I wanted to give a shout out to also
because they provided me with a sample of a new product that
seems to work well and I’ll be buying more. What is it? It’s called
Atty refresher and I’m impressed. And last on this short list is, Elixir is a phenomenal vape site providing more than
just great e-liquid. Elixir provides an awesome internet video forum/
support group for anyone that cares to join in. I have met over
100 new friends in the last ten months because of Elixir and for
that I am grateful so thank you Elixir.


faster customer service

Ok, have you ever called a company and been put through the menu
maze? You know the drill, press 1 for billing, press two for a customer
service representitave, bla, bla, bla… What a pain. Well guess what?
There’s an app for that now! FastCustomer will call YOU back when
it reaches your company’s customer service rep. How nice!

Seriously! Now all you have to do is find your company on the ever
expanding list, hit the button, and FastCustomer will call you back
when a real human picks up the phone. Now you can reclaim those
countless minutes spent flattening your ear with the phone while
waiting for your call to be taken in the order it was recieved!

One of the best features of this app is that it’s FREEEEE, (Eat that
Larry). One thing to note is that there is just a handful of companies
that have actually blocked this service and Comcast is one of them
so, if you are a Comcast subscriber, sorry, you’re just going to have
to suffer. Chalk another one up to Comcast’s superior customer
appreciation policy.

Check it out for Android and iPhone, so far.