B.S. Form letter Senator Boxer has sent me THREE times regarding vapor products

Dear Mr. @gotsteem:

Thank you for taking the time to write and share your views with me. Your comments will help me continue to represent you and other Californians to the best of my ability. Be assured that I will keep your views in mind as the Senate considers legislation on this or similar issues.

If you would like additional information about my work in the U.S. Senate, I invite you to visit my website, http://boxer.senate.gov. From this site, you can access my statements and press releases about current events and pending legislation, request copies of legislation and government reports, and receive detailed information about the many services that I am privileged to provide for my constituents. You may also wish to visit http://thomas.loc.gov to track current and past federal legislation.

Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. I appreciate hearing from you.

Barbara Boxer

United States Senator

Cleveland Bans E-Cigarettes In Public Places

The Cleveland City Council, in a unanimous vote late Wednesday agreed to expand a 2011 ordinance against tobacco smoking in public places to e-cigarettes, IdeaStream reported.
The Ohio-based city had already banned cigarette smoking in publicly-owned outdoor areas such as parks, community gardens, and within 150 feet of public places like City Hall and the convention center. But now those rules also apply to electronic cigarettes.
Cleveland follows in the footsteps of other major cities that have banned e-cigarettes, including New York and Chicago.

Kemp Hannon, no friend to vapers OR smokers

New York E-Liquid ban

By creating this piece of legislation to ban e-cigarette liquid within New York, Senator Kemp Hannon is practically announcing to the planet that he is firmly tucked into the back pocket of big tobacco. This attack on the e-cigarette industry has nothing to do with the dangers of e-liquid and everything to do with taxes. By banning the sale of e-liquid, Senator Hannon is basically trying to hand the industry over to the huge tobacco giants and their disposable single use 1st generation devices. Big tobacco pays mountains of money in taxes to New York and this will ensure it stays that way as new taxes on e-cigarettes are sure to follow. To me, it’s as obvious as stripes on a zebra.

Kemp Hannon’s use of the recent NYTimes irresponsible newspaper article that reports about non existent soaring child poisonings and the unrealistic buying of nicotine by the barrel to lay the ground work for this foolish and callow bill is ridiculous. It is a perfect example of the tail wagging the dog. The dance between Big Media and Big Politics is just like the dance between the FDA and Big Pharma and it’s evil. These bullshit attacks on perfectly legal businesses has to stop!

Senator Hannon is truly a legislator that has no concern for the cigarette smokers or vapers of New York or anywhere else for that matter and lacks any vision of a society free from deadly cigarette smoke. I’m afraid Senator Hannon and many other vision-less legislators bottom lines are the mountains of tax revenues that are slowly eroding away from them due to increased sales and usage of non sin-taxed e-cigarettes. They are desperate to stop the hemorrhaging of their precious source of tobacco cigarette tax revenue. They want your money, they don’t give a shit about your life. That’s the truth.

apparently, MYNorthwest.com censors cogent comments

In this article,


Lawmakers in Olympia, WA have approved a 75% tax that I will call EXTORTION on the e-cigarette industry. Thats a great way to push a business out of state that will more than likely be generating tens of billions of dollars within a few short years. Way to go Olympia.

I left a comment on their website earlier tonight and they censored it. Hmmm, why would that be? Well here is my comment.

I don’t understand how they can arbitrarily tax e-cigs. There is absolutely no proof of harm to users or bystanders. Does this mean they can tax aspirin because people want to get rid of a headache now too? Cigarettes are taxed based on the scientific proof of harm they do to people’s health. What is their excuse here? Hearsay and maybe’s? Is this LEGAL?

Didn’t the colonies split from England because of oppressive taxation? What the hell have we become? Time to start tossing these greedy bums out of those cushy taxpayer paid offices and elect representatives that listen to the citizens instead of thinking for themselves.

Kudos To Rep. Cary Condotta for standing up for vapers rights. Vapers vote, we are socially connected electronically and we remember.

I hate censorship. How can we have a discussion if you sensor our comments @Mynorthwest?


frisco is SAVED!


“you also point out that e-cigarette smokers might be inhaling formaldehyde and an ingredient used in antifreeze.”

Incredible. The admitted ignorance of SOME faceless, nameless voice. A voice that stifles an entire city from freely choosing to be tobacco free of their own will using nothing but chemicals all recognized by the FDA as safe.. and nicotine.

This faceless, nameless coward, I believe is not as ignorant as they may sound however. I’ll answer your question. What happens when e-cigarette smokers near me exhale? Not a God damn thing, you idiot. That’s what. What did you expect? Formaldehyde? Where does the formaldehyde come from? There is none in e-juice. There is no chemical reaction to form formaldehyde. It is a LIE. Our faceless voice is no dummy. They know the truth and yet, they vomit lies only to scare the readers who truly are ignorant. Yes, propylene glycol is used in antifreeze. It replaces the deadly diethylene glycol that used to be used to lower water’s freezing point. And your point? Since water is also used in antifreeze I guess we DRINK an ingredient of antifreeze every day as well.

The Frisco City Council is an assembly of fools. They are elected to WORK for you. This would involve EDUCATING themselves on the ISSUES that pass over their desks but where is the education on life saving e-cigarettes? Well it is passed along to them by some faceless, nameless voice out of thin air. And THAT is how your city council conducts business for the city of Frisco. Congratulations.

In the mean time, cigarettes still kill over half of everyone that becomes addicted to them. Cigarettes kill, Frisco City Council, but e-cigarettes save lives. Now the City Council kills too. That’s quite a legacy you are leaving.

Now, if you know what is good for you and the citizens of your good city, I suggest you do your jobs and do some research on the benefits of e-cigarettes. Next, RE-think your position on your e-cigarette ban and then, at the NEXT city council meeting, resend your idiotic ban on life saving e-cigarettes. You will be doing something that not many civic leaders have the courage or the intellegence to do. What is that you ask? That would be to begin the process of ELIMINATING deadly cigarettes from our society. Simply stated, it’s a monumental task. Are you up for it? I will salute you if you do.



my take on the e-cig game


E-cigs are the new game in town and a lot of people are all in. From selling to using, the numbers are only growing with e-cigs and this game has been in play for several years now. Amazingly enough, EVERY big tobacco company arrived late to this game. Not one of them had the vision to create the e-cig industry, not one. Oh, but they sure have the money to buy into this game, don’t they?

When one speaks about the e-cig industry, one needs to realize that there are actually two industries here. One is the industry that the big tobacco companies bought, the other industry is the one that isn’t mainstream like the first. It’s not as visible as big tobacco but it is everywhere if you look for it. Big tobacco bought the early fledgling startups that took off like a rocket in their early success. The owners of these early startups that went ballistic sold out cheap in my honest opinion. They were only in it for the money, kind of like big tobacco. These early start up companies sold 1st generation e-cig technology and a lot of people quit smoking traditional cigarettes using these devices, I among them. They do work, there is no doubt about it. If they didn’t work, big tobacco wouldn’t have invested in them. Now big tobacco owns 3 or 4 of these early businesses. The big tobacco industry is now selling 1st generation products that may be convenient, but are also quite costly to use regularly and are very wasteful. I really don’t see big tobacco moving away from these 1st generation cigarette-look-alikes either. These cig-alikes are not rechargeable, non-refillable and designed to be thrown away after they run out of liquid or battery, which ever runs out first, just like a cigarette. Also remember, real cigarettes are biodegradable while 1st generation e-cigs produce moderate non-biodegradable e-waste.

The second industry I spoke of is currently in it’s 3rd or 4th generation of innovation utilizing cutting edge electronics, variable voltage, refillable liquids, large capacity liquid storage and large capacity rechargeable batteries. Some e-cigs can even be programmed to provide an individual with the most custom draw and puff that suits his or her taste to perfection. Also, reusable e-cigs are not disposable, create no e-waste and are extremely economical to use. As much as 90% less expensive to use compared to traditional cigarettes and 70% less than 1st generation products. Big tobacco really can’t compete with this market either without changing their 1st generation product strategy. This second e-cig industry is really the market that all these bogus, “jump on the ban-wagon” non scientific based laws and bans are aimed at, and could possibly hand the entire e-cig industry over to big tobacco, lock, stock and barrel. What a brilliant strategy to save big tobacco from becoming the proverbial buggy whip maker. You see, Big tobacco must survive so all that tax money continues to pour into government. If big tobacco loses out in this war on e-cigs, there will be hell to pay but don’t count on that scenario happening. Big government, big pharmaceuticals and big tobacco as well as anti tobacco groups are doing everything they can to crush e-cig industry #2.

Anti tobacco groups also have a large stake in this game as well. They rely on funding from the government and believe it or not, from big pharma AND big tobacco. If big tobacco loses, so do organizations like the American Lung Association, the American Cancer society, and the American heart association, to name just a few. E-cigs pose a threat to every one of the above mentioned agencies, corporations and organizations. You can believe me when I say that none of these groups cares one bit about your health or mine. All they want are the rivers of money that tobacco and tobacco cessation generates.

You may think just why not tax e-cigs like cigarettes? Well, where there is no harm, there is no legitimate reason to tax. If they are going to tax e-cigs it will have to be a luxury tax or a fun tax or nicotine tax. Anything but what real cigarettes are taxed for which is the harm they cause to humans and the costs involved to treat and care for their victims. They may try to vilify nicotine but the fact remains, nicotine is not a carcinogen and is not harmful to humans except in huge doses. Something that e-cigs or e-liquid are incapable of doing.

So we are all faced with a really big question in this war against e-cigs, and I am not just talking about smokers and vapors but even non-smokers as well. A new and wonderful product has been invented that has the potential to make traditional cigarettes obsolete, possibly within my lifetime. Lung cancer can become a few pages or a chapter in a history book. People can continue to enjoy nicotine, or not, and no one will be harmed in either case. Many unnecessary money sucking groups and organizations can disband because they will have no real cause to march for anymore. The world overall health level will raise and everyone wins and lives longer. Are you for e-cigs or against them? E-cigarettes can not be deemed safe, this is true but, NOTHING in this world is safe. Nothing. Not water, not Gatorade, not cars, not helmets, not roses, not even kittens. But e-cigs are far, far, FAR safer than regular cigarettes. Some published studies believe as much as 99% safer.

Seriously, whether you are a vaper, smoker on non-smoker, what is the right thing to do here? Ban e-cigs? Are you kidding me?


e-cig haters and their arguments against. . . haters gonna hate

My Take on the marketwatch.com hit piece against electronic cigarettes.

girl puff e-cig


10 things e-cigarettes won’t tell you,
They may be safer, but they also threaten to upend decades of anti-smoking efforts.

To the above little sound byte I say, Big freaking deal. Buggy whip makers didn’t like the invention of the car either.


1 “We’re Big Tobacco in disguise.”

To be quite blunt, this is a lie. Big tobacco bought into the e-cig market several years after e-cigarettes became popular. The e-cigarette industry was doing just fine without them. Big tobacco however, was NOT doing well without us. Market trends showed e-cigarette sales rising while traditional cigarettes sales were falling. To combat these sales losses, Big Tobacco needed to “get into the market or get lost behind it.” It’s as simple as that.

The real e-cigarette market that started everything, at least for me, is far less visible than the Big Tobacco machine’s hype and facade. The really effective personal vaporizers available in the less visible market are what is going to be the big contender in the future. The market I am referring to are the online stores and the local vape shops in the area. As soon as the newly converted e-cigarette users discover the extremely good quality reusable personal vaporizers in this market that are NOT a part of big tobacco, they will never buy another cigarette look-alike style e-cig again. This is not even mentioning the incredible flavors available in the high quality e-liquids available right now that have nothing whatsoever to do with Big Tobacco. If one were to visit a true brick & mortar e-cigarette store in their local area, they would not even see a Big Tobacco product on the shelf. That is the truth.

2. “We can’t promise this won’t kill you.”

I’m sorry, was someone supposed to promise you that? No one ever promised me that. No one ever promised anyone that e-cigs are also orders of magnitude safer than traditional cigarettes either, but they are. You don’t have to be a scientist or a doctor to realize or understand this either. The benefits are very noticeable.

By the way, try telling those 500 or so people that used chantix that it won’t kill them. Er, umm, strike that, I forgot, they are dead… Chantix side effects may include suicidal thoughts or actions? Really? This is being prescribed by DOCTORS? Really? Perhaps all those ANTZ that are making this statement are actually speaking about Chantix and not e-cigarettes.

3. “You didn’t quit smoking.You just think you did.”

Sometimes I feel sorry for these ANti-Tobacco Zealots but, not very often. They just don’t get it. They are so very wrong about electronic cigarettes and because of this, they are a very dangerous group of people to public health. I have not owned a lighter or matches in over three years. I haven’t lit a cigarette in over three years! Does that mean anything? Just remember what Smokey Bear says the next time you hear that e-cigarettes are still smoking, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.”

The ANTZ would love to make you believe that E-Cigarette users haven’t really quit smoking but Here’s a news flash, YES!, we most certainly have! They are lying and discrediting vaping. Here is my new slogan, “We vapeorize – and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.” Vapor is not smoke, and safely enjoying nicotine in vapor is not a crime or anything to be ashamed of. I don’t hear these ANti-Tobacco Zealots screaming about using Snus, patches or gum. None of these things are smoking either yet all eliminate the combustion of tobacco, including the use of e-cigarettes. Why do you think they hate e-cigarettes so much?

4. “We’re advertising like it’s 1960 — while we still can.”

While this statement is not incorrect, it is rather misleading. It is Big Tobacco that is advertising their recently acquired e-cigarette companies products like it’s 1960, not the majority of the e-cigarette businesses and manufacturers. Smaller e-cigarette manufacturers don’t have unlimited advertising budgets like big tobacco does. Don’t confuse Big Tobacco with the majority of smaller e-cigarette manufacturers. Their goals and motives are vastly different. Big Tobacco is motivated by money, pure and simple. While this practice isn’t illegal, it isn’t very moral. The smaller non-Big Tobacco companies are motivated more by helping people kick the cigarette habit and then making an honest living. By the way, advertising e-cigarettes as a safer alternative to regular deadly tobacco products is legal as long as it isn’t making health claims, if they made health claims then it would be going against the FDA.

And while Big Tobacco does state that they are not advertising to children, it can be speculated by opposition groups as much as anyone cares to whether they are or not, I take their word for it. I have seen most of their commercials and I see nothing in them aimed at children.

5. “We defy categorization.”

I don’t believe that this statement is true at all. Just because there are only two categories that deal with nicotine, it doesn’t mean we have to fit into one or the other. E-cigarettes share characteristics of both categorizes. Therefore, I believe e-cigarettes do deserve their own third category. This isn’t defying categorization.

E-cigarettes are non combustible and there is no tobacco leaf involved. They are not tobacco cigarettes or tobacco products. There is absolutely no consumption of tobacco whatsoever.

Nicotine in e-cigarettes is used mainly as a recreational stimulant. Much the same as a 5 hour energy drink, a cup of coffee or a can of Red Bull. Nicotine can be extracted from tobacco leaf or it can be completely synthesized in a laboratory without any tobacco at all. Nicotine is legally sold in FDA approved smoking cessation products. These products can be in the form of a patch, an inhaler, gum or lozenges. All of these products can be used recreationaly but their intended purpose is tobacco cessation. Because e-cigarette manufactures make no medical claims they can not be marketed as pharmaceutical devices however, and rightly so. E-cigarettes are not sold for cessation. They are sold for enjoyment and as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes. It just so happens that they also make wonderful cessation tools too.

Because e-cigarettes are not comparable with smoking and are not marketed as cessation devices, they really should be classified in a new category. A unique category which takes into account that nicotine is a legal consumer product but when vaped it has a unique character, unlike combustible cigarettes plus it does not produce lung polluting smoke for users or bystanders.

6. “We look like cigarettes, but please don’t tax us like cigarettes.”

Some e-cigarette devices look like traditional cigarettes, many others do not. The simple fact that some devices look like cigarettes is not a valid reason to be taxed like cigarettes. This is just about the weakest excuse I’ve heard. Cigarette taxes are in place to “offset rising health costs.” E-cigarettes do not create rising health costs, they lower health costs. The first generation of e-cigarettes look like regular cigarettes because of the market this product is replacing. Regular cigarette smokers can certainly relate to this form factor and because of it, easily move from deadly cigarettes to vapor without any transitional or behavioral problems. Because of the technology behind e-cigarettes, a slender cigarette like tube is not the only form factor that e-cigarettes can come in. E-cigarettes are in their 5th or 6th generation of revisions at this time and most e-cigarettes don’t even look like traditional cigarettes anymore. I believe the cigarette look-alike or, cig-alike form factor will eventually go the way of the dinosaur in the not too distant future. As far as the vapor is concerned, I really don’t need to elaborate on this. Smoke is smoke. Vapor is vapor. Anyone with reasonable intelligence can distinguish one from the other. Just because vapor can mimic smoke is absolutely no reason to tax them like cigarettes. Smoke and vapor are two entirely different things. One is safe and one is not. One raises health costs, and one does not.

7. “Kids love us.”

Again, another nonfactual interpretation. Kids love to be rebellious. Kids will accomplish this any way they can. Kids have been stealing traditional cigarettes from their parents since the dawn of cigarettes. There is no mystery here. This new technology will also be used by a few children, there is no question about it, but there is absolutely no amount of legislation that can ever prevent this from happening either. In the real world it is squarely the responsibility of the parents to keep these products out of their children’s hands and no one else. It is the job of the police to enforce laws. Society as a whole does not desire that any children smoke cigarettes or use e-cigs but it is not societies responsibility to prevent this behavior either. I may want your child to behave better or to mow your unkempt lawn but it’s not my responsibility to make it so. Realistically, the only positive thing about kids using e-cigs is that they are not using deadly cigarettes.

8. “We’re bringing smoking back inside…”

Sorry but another twisting of the truth to the point of a lie. ANTZ just LOVE to call the use of a personal vaporizer or e-cigs smoking. This is simply a lie. E-Cigarettes do not create caustic smoke, release deadly toxins, have no foul smell and they are not a fire hazard. If the accusation were that we seem to be bringing the recreational use of nicotine back inside, then I would say YES, we are. Should adults have a problem with other adults enjoying life when it is not a threat to anyone else? Of course not. Using an e-cigarette indoors is no more smoking than is someone using an asthma inhaler indoors. It is simply not smoking. Published research studies show that “second hand vapor” is absolutely not a danger to humans or animals.

Now as a side note, I can agree that vaping in a restaurant is objectionable and so do most people, but that should be up to the individual business proprietor to allow vaping or not and not the government. The fact remains that there will always be issues where ever food is served and to me, it is understandable. Do the right thing and put it away. There is however no reason that vaping should not be acceptable in bars or lounges, even department stores or malls or parks. No matter how it looks, the fact remains, it is harmless to others. If that bothers some people, I really don’t care, that is their own personal problem.

9. “… concerning Ecig use in an aircraft.”

This is a dicey subject with me. I believe that this is a good place for people to use the patch or gum or Snus. My reasoning is because the air in an airplane is in a closed recirculation system. There is no “air exchange” at 35,000 feet. The air is scrubbed and recirculated. Now do I believe vaping is dangerous or harmful on a plane? no, I don’t but being enclosed in a flying tube with no windows to open is kind of a fine line with me. I would rather keep the air as clean as possible. There are alternative tobacco products that should be able to tie over a smoker or vaper for the duration of an airline flight. I think that would be the most courteous thing to do for all the other passengers breathing the same recirculated air for hours at a time, just as it would be nice if some people didn’t wear too much cologne.

10. “E-joints and e-crackpipes are the new e-cig.”

I really don’t see the relevance of this argument to the original topic at hand. I am sorry but this is not a concern of mine at all. Seriously, what does this have to do with the rising cost of rice in china? We’re talking about nicotine here. I do not use joints or crack. I don’t think any of my friends do either. Let’s please stay on topic, I believe there are studies that show nicotine can help attention deficit disorders.

In conclusion, I think I have covered all 9 of the ANTZ arguments that place e-cigarettes and personal vaporizers in a disparaging light and I await their response on these topics. I really doubt there will be any dialogue here but I can hope anyway. I would love to discuss this further.

As far as number 10. is concerned, please, stay on topic and good luck pissing up that rope. Remember what e-cigarettes were originally designed for, removing carcinogenic combustible tobacco cigarettes from the equation.

kf6hqc & Lisa Belle

steam’s corner: a comment left on an e-cig hit piece by yours truly

Dr. Choi,

Although nicotine is an addictive substance, so is caffeine. If you ask serious coffee drinkers, you’ll find that they can’t go without their coffee. In small amounts, nicotine is no more dangerous than a can of soda or a cup of coffee. You should know that being a “PhD, MPH”. The question is, is nicotine a carcinogen or hazardous to one’s health? Answer, no and not really. These you should know too. I am not a doctor but I do know that nicotine and caffeine can elevate heart rates. Is that dangerous? Maybe to some but not to most.

Now apparently you haven’t spent much time in researching your answers because if you had, you would have learned that the “anti-freeze” was found in only ONE cartridge and in an extremely small amount. There is more (1)diethylene glycol in a traditional cigarette than what was found in the nicotine liquid tested.

The next fact you obviously need to be made aware of is that the amounts of actual TSNAs (carcinogens) that are detectable in nicotine liquid are TRACE amounts. In fact they are the same amounts or less than that found in nicotine PATCHES. Don’t believe me? (2)LOOK IT UP!

The FDA report on e-cigarette liquids has been invalidated numerous times now and has not been retracted and is also over 3 years old and outdated. Ill informed individuals, such as your self that recite old, outdated data without doing any real research for yourself do MORE harm to the general public by attempting to steer cigarette users away from a much more effective harm reduction method than large pharmaceutical companies can provide. When was the last time you read the warning label on a bottle of chantix or wellbutrin? This stuff CAN KILL YOU. HELLO! To date, no e-cigarette user has been hospitalized for e-cigarette vapor inhalation.

Also, to date, hundreds of thousands of former cigarette users have QUIT smoking traditional cigarettes using e-cigarettes. Now do you want to be responsible for their reverting back to traditional cigarette use because of the mis-information you are providing?

Please do your self a favor and do some research on this subject before you throw your letters around attached to e-cigarette hit pieces. E-cigarettes can SAVE Thousands and thousands and thousands of lives. Get behind a movement that can make tobacco cigarettes obsolete in our lifetimes. Imagine that Kelvin, because patches and gums and harmful mind altering drugs aren’t going to do it.

(1) http://www.tricountycessation.org/tobaccofacts/Cigarette-Ingredients.html

(2) http://www.palgrave-journals.com/jphp/journal/v32/n1/fig_tab/jphp201041t1.html


This comment is currently on hold awaiting moderation.

I’ll bet my comment does not get approved. These big brained PHD’s

arguments fall apart when confronted with the truth.

I had to post my comment here so that it could be read by others.

I am happy to report that my comment was indeed

approved and can be read on the site.


You can read the e-cig hit piece at the following link.



steam’s corner: the vaping community

This is a video of just some of the awesome people that I know
from the vaping community. These people were interviewed by
a relatively new vaper that goes by the name of Hudson in the
Huston Texas area. They were attending a Vape Meet.

If you are a smoker and want to quit but haven’t had any luck
in the past, I would encourage you to watch this video and
consider trying again only this time, try it with a good attitude
and a good e-cig.

I’ve been cigarette free for just over two years now and I am
extremely happy about it. I did it with e-cigs and you can too.


Steam’s corner: more lies

When it comes to e-cigarettes, There are truly a lot of people that
do not want you to use them. Their concern would be welcome if
indeed they were really looking out for your general health and
welfare but, this isn’t the case.

To sum it up, their concern is their bottom line. What I mean is,
they are interested in money rather than your health. Time after
time, these scientists, researchers, doctors and recently I’ve been
wondering, news outlets, have been shown to have accepted
large sums of money from Pfizer and other pharmaceutical
companies for studies and research on nicotine replacement
therapy i.e. the patch and gum. By endorsing e-cigarettes, you
can believe that the pharma tit will dry up faster than a cup of
water in death valley in the summertime. After all, who is going
to give you money if you endorse someone elses product?
So what do they do to prevent this from happening? They ignore
scientific studies and they lie their asses off. Remember, if you
can effectively eliminate lung disease (at least caused by
cigarettes) these creepy doctors and researchers will be out of
jobs so, by all means make sure you listen to them instead of
doing a little research of your own.

If you are interested in indeed doing a little research of your own,
you can start here.




Steam’s corner: opinions are like assholes


This article sheds a little more light on the poor guy in Florida that had his
mod blow up in his face. How they came to the conclusion that the mod was
triple stacked for a 9 volt vape is beyond me at this point. What I am taking
issue with is the head editor of the electronic cigarette review website
Puffweb.com, Dan Henry’s statement. Dan said, “I don’t include Electric Cigar
Reviews or Mods Reviews on my website because I don’t recognize them
as being in the same industry as Electronic Cigarettes. They are dangerous
and I do not recommend they be sold or used.” Seriously Dan?

IMHO there isn’t an “electronic cigarette” that can hold a candle to a ProVari or
a Darwin or Buzz Pro or several other “electronic cigars” and their numerous safety
features built in which ALL have even the most basic safety feature not
found on any electronic cigarette that I’ve ever seen, namely a vent hole.

I couldn’t find a comment area on the article so I thought I’d post my thoughts here.

What do you think?