gulf oil leak live feed

Sit back and enjoy a little real time real life
reality disaster show care of BP and our lame
duck president and administration. I can’t
believe this leak hasn’t been plugged yet, I
know what needs to be done… Why don’t

If you want to see a bigger feed or even a
full screen view then click this link.


fake tv

Here is a neat little device that simulates someone watching
TV. Burglars don’t like it when they think someone is home.
Attach this little gem to a timer when you go somewhere and
it will come on and deter would be burglars. Great idea and
relatively inexpensive at $30 bucks, wouldn’t you say?
Watch the video on the page.


the lostit channel

Has anyone else noticed that The Learning Channel [TLC] is almost
anything but the learning channel? WTF is LA Ink really supposed
to be? A learning experience? or Cake Boss? How about King of the
Crown and Toddlers & Tiaras? I can see these shows being one or
two hours long at most but a series? WTF? When are they going to
present something for us to learn?

Thanks Rob