my take on the e-cig game


E-cigs are the new game in town and a lot of people are all in. From selling to using, the numbers are only growing with e-cigs and this game has been in play for several years now. Amazingly enough, EVERY big tobacco company arrived late to this game. Not one of them had the vision to create the e-cig industry, not one. Oh, but they sure have the money to buy into this game, don’t they?

When one speaks about the e-cig industry, one needs to realize that there are actually two industries here. One is the industry that the big tobacco companies bought, the other industry is the one that isn’t mainstream like the first. It’s not as visible as big tobacco but it is everywhere if you look for it. Big tobacco bought the early fledgling startups that took off like a rocket in their early success. The owners of these early startups that went ballistic sold out cheap in my honest opinion. They were only in it for the money, kind of like big tobacco. These early start up companies sold 1st generation e-cig technology and a lot of people quit smoking traditional cigarettes using these devices, I among them. They do work, there is no doubt about it. If they didn’t work, big tobacco wouldn’t have invested in them. Now big tobacco owns 3 or 4 of these early businesses. The big tobacco industry is now selling 1st generation products that may be convenient, but are also quite costly to use regularly and are very wasteful. I really don’t see big tobacco moving away from these 1st generation cigarette-look-alikes either. These cig-alikes are not rechargeable, non-refillable and designed to be thrown away after they run out of liquid or battery, which ever runs out first, just like a cigarette. Also remember, real cigarettes are biodegradable while 1st generation e-cigs produce moderate non-biodegradable e-waste.

The second industry I spoke of is currently in it’s 3rd or 4th generation of innovation utilizing cutting edge electronics, variable voltage, refillable liquids, large capacity liquid storage and large capacity rechargeable batteries. Some e-cigs can even be programmed to provide an individual with the most custom draw and puff that suits his or her taste to perfection. Also, reusable e-cigs are not disposable, create no e-waste and are extremely economical to use. As much as 90% less expensive to use compared to traditional cigarettes and 70% less than 1st generation products. Big tobacco really can’t compete with this market either without changing their 1st generation product strategy. This second e-cig industry is really the market that all these bogus, “jump on the ban-wagon” non scientific based laws and bans are aimed at, and could possibly hand the entire e-cig industry over to big tobacco, lock, stock and barrel. What a brilliant strategy to save big tobacco from becoming the proverbial buggy whip maker. You see, Big tobacco must survive so all that tax money continues to pour into government. If big tobacco loses out in this war on e-cigs, there will be hell to pay but don’t count on that scenario happening. Big government, big pharmaceuticals and big tobacco as well as anti tobacco groups are doing everything they can to crush e-cig industry #2.

Anti tobacco groups also have a large stake in this game as well. They rely on funding from the government and believe it or not, from big pharma AND big tobacco. If big tobacco loses, so do organizations like the American Lung Association, the American Cancer society, and the American heart association, to name just a few. E-cigs pose a threat to every one of the above mentioned agencies, corporations and organizations. You can believe me when I say that none of these groups cares one bit about your health or mine. All they want are the rivers of money that tobacco and tobacco cessation generates.

You may think just why not tax e-cigs like cigarettes? Well, where there is no harm, there is no legitimate reason to tax. If they are going to tax e-cigs it will have to be a luxury tax or a fun tax or nicotine tax. Anything but what real cigarettes are taxed for which is the harm they cause to humans and the costs involved to treat and care for their victims. They may try to vilify nicotine but the fact remains, nicotine is not a carcinogen and is not harmful to humans except in huge doses. Something that e-cigs or e-liquid are incapable of doing.

So we are all faced with a really big question in this war against e-cigs, and I am not just talking about smokers and vapors but even non-smokers as well. A new and wonderful product has been invented that has the potential to make traditional cigarettes obsolete, possibly within my lifetime. Lung cancer can become a few pages or a chapter in a history book. People can continue to enjoy nicotine, or not, and no one will be harmed in either case. Many unnecessary money sucking groups and organizations can disband because they will have no real cause to march for anymore. The world overall health level will raise and everyone wins and lives longer. Are you for e-cigs or against them? E-cigarettes can not be deemed safe, this is true but, NOTHING in this world is safe. Nothing. Not water, not Gatorade, not cars, not helmets, not roses, not even kittens. But e-cigs are far, far, FAR safer than regular cigarettes. Some published studies believe as much as 99% safer.

Seriously, whether you are a vaper, smoker on non-smoker, what is the right thing to do here? Ban e-cigs? Are you kidding me?


mars attacked!

Tonights the night…

At around 10:30pm tonight, JPL and NASA will hopefully land
the newest mars rover successfully on the martian surface.
The landing will be accomplished by an altogether new concept
than their previous rover landings by using a rocket powered
sky crane. Lets all hope the rover makes a successful landing
and provides us with a ton of awsome science!

For live coverage of the Mars Science Laboratory landing, be
sure to click the following link tonight around 10:00pm Pacific,
1:00am eastern.

– - – U P D A T E - – -

Curiosity has landed safely with it’s wheels down on the
martian surface! According to the Data, Curiosity landed
perfectly and exactly as planned. Congratulations to all
the hard work and dedication of all the JPL gang in good
old Pasadena that made this historic event happen, and
right on time!

A very happy JPL tech dude. Don’t know who…


the cure for cancer

The FDA, the National Cancer institute and big pharma are all in bed
together as well as many, many unethical doctors and scientists in my
opinion and over what? The cure for cancer.

I am amazed that I wasn’t aware of this until yesterday but whether
you believe it or not, there does seem to be a cure, thats right, a
CURE for malignant cancers and tumors that is NOT radiation or
chemotherapy and is NOT carcinogenic. It has NO side effects other
than to eliminate cancer. Sound unbelievable? Read on.

There is a doctor in Texas that discovered several medicines way
back in the mid 70’s that has CURED thousands and thousands of
cancer patients to date but has and is still being surpressed by,
you guessed it, the FDA, the NCI, and always in the background, big
Pharma. He has been in front of a Grand Jury over six times to date
by the FDA trying to put him in prison, His data and records stolen
under the guise of subpoena, his research duplicated by big Pharma,
AND his patents duplicated by big Pharma. All for the love of money.

You see, the FDA and big Pharma can not allow one man to hold the
patents for the cure for cancer. What would big Pharma do without
all that money that chemotherapy drugs generate for them?

Please understand that if and when the good doctors medicines are
approved for public use, it will allow a single scientist to hold an
exclusive right to manufacture and sell these medicines on the open
market—leaving the pharmaceutical industry absent in profiting from
the most effective gene-targeted cancer treatment the world has
ever seen. What really makes me angry is the fact that these
medicines were discovered almost 40 years ago and are to this day,
still not on the market.

Sound interesting? I highly urge you to watch this documentary. It
is quite an eye opener. It makes me wonder how many times the FDA
and big Pharma have been successful in repressing cures for disease
that we haven’t heard about, after all, there is no money in curing
people of disease but there sure is a boat load of money in treating
people for disease. Think about it.

This documentary is 108 minutes long without any commercial
interruptions. It will also be aired on the Documentary Channel on
May 4th, 2012. Get as many people to watch this and then let your
voice be heard about the unethical practices of our corrupted
system and the abuses of our beloved with cancer and the FDA’s
refusal to allow life saving drugs to CURE this blight called cancer.

You must click the link below the picture to watch the film.

See also,


faster customer service

Ok, have you ever called a company and been put through the menu
maze? You know the drill, press 1 for billing, press two for a customer
service representitave, bla, bla, bla… What a pain. Well guess what?
There’s an app for that now! FastCustomer will call YOU back when
it reaches your company’s customer service rep. How nice!

Seriously! Now all you have to do is find your company on the ever
expanding list, hit the button, and FastCustomer will call you back
when a real human picks up the phone. Now you can reclaim those
countless minutes spent flattening your ear with the phone while
waiting for your call to be taken in the order it was recieved!

One of the best features of this app is that it’s FREEEEE, (Eat that
Larry). One thing to note is that there is just a handful of companies
that have actually blocked this service and Comcast is one of them
so, if you are a Comcast subscriber, sorry, you’re just going to have
to suffer. Chalk another one up to Comcast’s superior customer
appreciation policy.

Check it out for Android and iPhone, so far.


the commodore 64 raised to the 19th power

I am beside myself. I was a Commodore C64 nut back in the late 80’s
early 90’s. I had a VIC20 and later on several C64’s. Those machines
were the best in the day. I still have them in the garage along with
all the software on 5 1/4” floppies!

Well it appears as if the C64 is back with a vengence! A mutated
monster of it’s former self. The C64 Extreme has a DVD R/W, BlueRay
and 3 terrabytes of hard drive storage running an i7 processor! Don’t
believe me? Take a look.

It will emulate the C64 of course but it will run ubuntu and Windows
if you want. Holy Shit.

I want one, and you know what that means….


steam’s corner – i’m done with cigarettes

The eGo and the 510

I have been a smoker for a long time. Cigarettes have definetly taken
a toll on my health and my wallet. Recently, the price of a pack of
cigarettes went up again and I just said, that’s it. I refuse to keep
spending $4.50 a day on this and sometimes more. I know, I know,
New Yorkers would love to pay $4.50 again for a pack of smokes and
some other state and city dwellers would too. The simple fact of the
matter is that tobacco taxes are going up and I doubt they will ever
go back down again.

Honestly, at this point I really don’t care because I have recently,
finally decided to try out the “e-cigarette”. You know what? The day
I bought my e-cig was the day I quit smoking tobacco. That was
almost a month ago and I haven’t looked back since. I still had a
half pack of cigarettes the day I bought the e-cig and a week later,
I still had my half pack of smokes sitting there. I actually crushed the
pack and tossed it in the trash can. Something I thought I’d never

My e-cig or what is also known as a personal vaporizer does exactly
what my cigarettes used to do for a fraction of the cost and without
the tar and carcinogens. No more burnt holes in my clothes or carpet
in the truck, no more smelly clothing, no more ashtrays or ashes. No
more anything that cigarettes have to offer except the nicotine.

Do yourself a favor if you smoke cigarettes. Save up the meager
$50-60 bucks and go to your local smoke shop and buy an e-cig kit.
also buy a little bottle of apple flavor nic juice and start to enjoy
tasty vapor instead of crappy tobacco. I am willing to bet you will
quit smoking cigarettes if you give it even a slight chance. I can’t
get over just how good this tastes compared to tobacco and with-
out all of the bad things (4000 to date) that you get with a tobacco

If you have any questions, just ask, I’ll be happy to answer.


next five in five

IBM has come out with their next 5 in 5 list. These are things we
should be seeing within the next five years. Imagine batteries that
are smaller, lighter and last 10 times longer than they do today.

How about Interacting with your friends using realtime 3D holograms
right from your phone? This is also one of the 5 in 5 predictions from
IBM. Amazing stuff, read the rest in the link below.



Ever heard of an ElliptiGo? I hadn’t until yesterday. It looks like a
workout and a half but pretty ingenious. It is simply an elliptical
workout machine taken to it’s next logical step, no pun intended.
With eight speeds this puppy moves out nicely. Watch a few of
their videos and let me know what you think.