escape pod, sci-fi at it’s best


I just started listening to one of my favorite science fiction
podcasts again. It’s called Escape Pod and it is one of the
best sci-fi podcasts out there. I was there at the beginning
of Steve Eley’s Podcast when it came to life back in 2005 and
used to listen religiously. But then life went this way and that
and next thing I knew, 200 plus episodes passed me by.

There is one consolation however. I have a ton of great Sci-fi
to listen to virtually anytime I want now, thanks to smart phones
and smart cars and I am looking forward to many many hours of
awsome sci-fi for a long time to come… That is, until I catch

One thing does bother me though, I have to admit, I’m not sure
I like not hearing Steve’s voice either hosting the show or
reading the stories. Where did you go Steve? Actually, I am
certain I will find out sooner or later as I progress through
the episodes and locate the changing of the guard.

If you are a Science fiction fan, you will certainly enjoy listening
to Escape Pod. Go ahead, give it a listen.


what if they had crashed?

Fourty one years ago, man took his first steps on the moon.
When you think of the incredible odds against that monumental
task and then think about leaving the moon and returning home
unharmed with a story to tell and a box of rocks to show for it
becomes a little mind numbing. To think that against all odds it
was done, and not once but six times in total. Now with the
exception of the launchpad fire that took the lives of astronauts
Gus Grissom, Ed White and Roger Chaffee during the attempted
launch of Apollo 1 and the near death of astronauts James A. Lovell,
John L. “Jack” Swigert, and Fred W. Haise in Apollo 13 due to an
oxygen tank rupture, you have to admit that we were pretty
lucky to pull them off at all. Now just think what it would have been
like if the first moon landing had failed and the mission only returned
with one astronaut instead of three. Take fifteen minutes to listen
to a fictional story made by Johnathan Mitchell and Hillary Frank
based on contingency speech written by William Safire for Richard
Nixon titled “In the Event of Moon Disaster” just in case Buzz Aldrin
and Neil Armstrong never made it back from the moon.
I think you’ll like it.


Well Told Tales

Well Told Tales brings you original audio stories
in the sci-fi, horror and hardboiled genres and is
almost one year old now. They have a nice little
archive of truly good stories that are told very well
by actors on the rise.
Do your self a favor and have a listen. you won’t
regret it. Let me know what you think, I think
it’s a winner. That’s why it’s here on admit-one.


Variant Frequencies

Well hello again. I said I’d recommend more podcasts
to you if I got some positive feedback on the last post
concerning SF podcasts. Well, I didn’t get dink for
comments and here I am casting more pearls before
blog readers. I’m not sure if it is apathy or just that no
one gives a shit. When it’s all said and done, I guess it is
better to spread the good news rather than horde it all
to one’s self.
Below is a link to one of the best SciFi podcasts out there
in Cyber Space. The Failed Cities Monolouges was an
excellent book and I highly recommend it to you. Please
download a few stories into your ipod and check it out.
Who knows, you may find that your MP3 device is good
for far more than you think it is.

Try this… Below is a link to the story, Last Flight of the Esperanza.
click the link and then click the “play in popup” button.
Sit back and enjoy a good 20-30 minute story. When was the
last time you rewarded yourself with a such a treat and
there was no picture in front of you?



Escape Pod podcast

Do you like Science Fiction? Do you have an
MP3 player? Then you are in for some of the
best short story SciFi ever. Steve Eley hosts
this podcast and has since it’s creation in May
of 2005.

According to Wikipedia:

It (Escape pod) has become “the world’s leading
science fiction podcast” and has “the fourth-largest
circulation for science fiction periodicals in the
English language”

That is quite an accomplishment in just two short
years. By far, Escape Pod is my favorite podcast
available on the internet, and I listen to several.
Give it a listen and please let me know what you
think. If I get some positive feedback, I’ll recommend
some more to you.



Jack Mangan’s Deadpan

it's so fuckin deadpan

I finally am up to date with Jack Mangan’s deadpan
podcast. Now I have to wait for each installment like
the rest of the geeks out there. What can I say?

Mangan’s Deadpan is the show that got me hooked on
webcasts. What a trip. Download a show and have a
listen. It’s like the opera, either you’ll love right off or
you’ll learn to appreciate it but never have it truly
be a part of your soul.

Shit, What am I talking about? Actually asking you
people to download a podcast… and then listen to it??
You people barely have the strength to click a button
and leave comments on this friggin blog.

It’s too big a task!