bach me! visualizes the first Prelude from Bach’s Cello
Suites. Using the mathematics behind string length and
pitch, it came from a simple idea: what if all the notes
were drawn as strings? Instead of a stream of classical
notation on a page, this interactive project highlights
the music’s underlying structure and subtle shifts.


internet radio

I am sure many of you have heard of internet radio and there are a
lot of different providers of just that available. I have looked at a
bunch of them and I think SOMA FM is the best IMHO. It is totally
free but I feel it is beyond a doubt worth supporting with a donation.
In fact I have done just that. The music quality it top notch, there
are no commercials and of all the different stations available on
SOMA FM, one is just my cup of tea. Underground 80’s just plays
song after song that I know and remember from the good ol’ days of
91X and KROQ and sometimes on KSPC, a little local terrestrial FM
radio station at one of our local colleges here in Southern California.

Give em a click and see if they don’t have something for you.


synthesizer on a nintendo DS

A few weeks ago I posted about the Korg Monotron. Although the
Monotron is a useful little music synth, the XSEED DS-10 is far more
powerful for making music and such. The DS-10 emulates Korg’s old
MS-10 of the 70s-80s era. Very unique sounds can be achieved with
this little unit. The synthesizer is completely contained on a little
mini cartridge that plugs into Nintendo’s DS game machine. Have a

If you liked that, check this one out.



korg monotron

I have the original DS-10 by XSEED games for the Nintendo DS.
This is a mind bending piece of software that emulates the
Korg MS-10 to a tee. Lots of fun if you like synthesizers. XSEED
simulates the Korg but you can now get a genuine Korg analog
ribbon synthesizer to play with and you can use it to filter other
insturments if you want. Check it out.