hams to the rescue

Boy what a mobile radio set up eh? It kills me to see that giant boat
anchor bolted to a truck bed pulling it’s power supply on a trailer
behind it and being called the ultimate mobile radio. Today, a mobile
radio with a lot more capability than the SCR-299 is smaller than a
phone book.

If you are interested in a little radio history, have a watch.


true grit

We here at admit-one just saw the Coen Brother’s newest film
offering which is a movie remake of Charles Portis’ book called
True Grit. The original movie of this novel starring John Wayne
and Kim Darby was made in 1969. Both movies were great.

We thoroughly enjoyed the new movie with Bridges, Damon,
Brolin,and Hailee Stienfeld as Mattie Ross. We think you will too.
It is especially nice to see it on the wide screen of the theater
so I’d recommend seeing it there before you wait for the DVD to
arrive as it may be a long wait.

One thing to note. You will notice during the movie that there
are virtually no contractions used throughout the dialog. If you
think this is weird or dislike it, you may be interested to know
that Charles Portis wrote the book in this way and that the Coen
brothers are keeping to the true speaking style of the book.

Enjoy some popcorn and a movie.