butterfly alphabet

on the wings

First came the Butterfly Alphabet with letters and numerals
as written by Nature’s own hand on the wings of butterflies.
It took Kjell Sandved 24 years of world wide search to find them all.


Grand Prix Fire Gallery

chem drop

Here is a photo gallery of the fire that burned to within 2 miles
of my home here in Alta Loma, CA last year. It was an incredible
experience to see 70 foot high flames just torching the mountains
from my front yard. The fire burned for about a week and consumed
about 60,000 acres of growth that hadn’t seen a fire in nearly
two decades. Fortunately Cucamonga canyon was barely damaged
which is one of my favorite weekend kickback spots for drinking
beer and hiking to a great 80 high foot waterfall.

The webmaster at Incident Control was very kind to let me use
these images during one of my SSTV nets

Incident Control



industrial haunting

This is a wonderful journey through the imagination.
Each room is haunted by it’s own interesting graffito.
This wall art is not to be confused with textual graffiti.
Take the time (about an hour) to tour these 99 rooms.
You need to, trust me.