5k megapixel sky survey

Have some fun zooming in and out of our nite sky. Taken in some of
the darkest nite sky spots in the world, Nick Risinger stiched together
a beautiful 5000 MP image of our entire night sky. His efforts have
produced a beautiful photo that show things in the nite sky that some
people will never ever see with their naked eye in their lifetime.
Go ahead and check it out. Zoom into the Orien Nebula, then check
out the Andromeda Galaxy, then hop over to the Large Magellanic
cloud, then peer into the center of our galaxy. Enjoy.



9 eyes

Google’s Street View is fascinating as well as a helpfull tool for
internet users. There are some incredible images to be seen if
you just go looking for them. 9 Eyes is an art project that has
some interesting images to see although there are other sites
out there with unususal and often funny images too. Go look
for them and don’t forget to explore our world throught the
eyes of Google Street View also.



famous objects from classic movies

If you know what movie this object belongs to, you will probably do
alright in this game. Game play is a lot like hangman but in this game
it’s three strikes and you lose this round. I’d bet this would be a great
game for the family or friends to play or at a party. Give it a try. It is
quite addictive.

By the way, the feather above is not from Forrest Gump.



ummm, er… hmmmm.

Alright, it’s official.

This woman is pathetic…

WRONG! Boy, do I feel like a dick.

It turns out this Segway lady is a cancer surviver and her Segway
is a major help to her in her everyday life. Ummmm, er… I feel stupid,
and pathatic, but one thing is certain, this Segway lady is an angel.

Thanks Mark for bringing that to my attention, I appreciate it.


never forget

Don’t ever forget just exactly who it is that believes that we
Americans are evil and less than human. Don’t ever forget what
religion calls for our destruction. Don’t ever forget that the true
Muslim, that is one who seeks to follow the example of the prophet
Mohammed, will be a terroist based on the teachings of the Qur’an.

A Christian, according to Jesus, must “Love your enemies and pray
for those who persecute you”. A Muslim, according to the Qur’an,
must “kill them (the infidel) in every stratagem of war (jihad)”.

These are the simple facts. If you think these facts don’t pertain
to you then you are living in a dream world.