gulf oil leak live feed

Sit back and enjoy a little real time real life
reality disaster show care of BP and our lame
duck president and administration. I can’t
believe this leak hasn’t been plugged yet, I
know what needs to be done… Why don’t

If you want to see a bigger feed or even a
full screen view then click this link.


mt. whitney hut

It is more than likely that not very many people know that
Mt. Whiteny is the tallest mountain peak in the continental United
States. It is also likely that there are less people that know that
there is a three room cabin at the summit of Mt Whitney either.

In 1909 it took four weeks to build a three room cabin or hut on
Mt. Whitney. The cabin was built for astronomers to try and make
observations that might prove the existance of water on Mars. The
insurment they used was a 16 inch reflector. Today the cabin is
available to anyone that can make the 14,000 plus foot climb to
use for an over nighter or just a place to rest before they head back
down the trail.

It is interesting to note that there was no wood used in the cabin’s
construction and the cabin turned 100 years old last August. The
cabin is made out of steel, cement, stones and glass and nothing
more. In 1909, the director of the Lick Observatory told the New
York Times that the hut “should last 500 years.” That was quite a

I guess none of us will ever know if it survives another 400 years
or not just like no one could have ever guessed that there would
be anyone celebrating the 400th anniversary of Galileo’s
demonstration of the telescope last August either.

Dueling anniversaries, pretty remarkable.

via kd6hdx, good luck Dave.


a 7.8 in southern california

You know the big one is coming, it’s just a matter of when…
Here is a very cool video simulation of the shock waves
generated by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake. It may look
pretty in the video but you know it’s going to be a freakin
nightmare when it does happen and I’m pretty sure it will
in my lifetime. I just hope I’ve moved the hell out of
California by then.


The nonexistent energy crisis

Take an hour or so and watch these eight segments from
Lindsey Williams. It will sober you right up. I believe this
guy is stating the truth with regard to oil, money, the future
of our nation and the direction the world is going. I urge
you to watch, listen and make up your own mind. It certainly
makes sense. While you watch this lecture, Keep in mind
this was taped a little over two years ago and his predictions
back then came true. No he isn’t a prophet but you can bet
your ass that someone is making a profit. Based on this guy’s
“predictions” the fate of our nation doesn’t really look all
that good.

If you’de rather watch it on then click the
link below.

Lindsey Williams 1 of 8


elvis has left da building

Even though Elvis has left the scene, were still shakin’ here in
Southern California. California has earthquakes all the time, at
least one or two a day but they are rarely ever felt. if you check
the map you’ll see we have several each and every day.

Most people in the USA have heard of the the famous San Andreas
Fault that cuts through Southern California from north to south
and is predicted to have a giant seismic event within the next 30
years. Well that may be sooner than later “experts” think. SoCal
has experienced a series of small to moderate quakes at the south
end of the SAF in the last week with the biggest weighing in at a 4.7.

This may be it everyone, get ready, duck and cover. California just
may be the next burden on the taxpayers if the ground out here
decides to shake rattle and roll. Just a fair warning.


mori – an internet-based earthwork

We live in an actively seismic area here in California.
There are many detectors throught the state recording
these seismic events from our area as well as for many
hundreds of miles away in all directions. The Mori
display can even record events that occur here in
Southern California.

Mori displays streaming seismographic data measured
continuously from a site near the Hayward Fault above
University of California at Berkeley. The earthquake
detector is a Streckeisen STS-1 seismometer that measures
vertical ground velocity. Data is collected by the Berkeley
Seismological Laboratory and relayed to a server in the
Alpha Lab. Your display is delayed 30 seconds due to
frame buffering at the detector.


Giant Rock weekend

The mighty!

Above is my pal Quinn standing on a ten foot high
boulder pointing at the “Giant Rock” behind him.
The perspective is deceptive because the rock Quinn
is pointing at is over 3 stories tall. It is said that Giant
Rock is the largest freestanding boulder in the world
located near Landers California in the Mojave desert.
It is also steeped in history and worth looking up

T-Rex, the cache

While camping at Giant Rock, Brian (Quinn’s father),
and I did some Geocaching. The above picture is of
a rock formation called T-Rex which happens to be
the location of a geocache, one of three that we
found over the weekend. Tons of fun.


Alaska Volcano Observatory – Augustine

Alaska's volcano watch

Rates of earthquake occurrence increased slowly from an average rate
of 1 to 2 per day in early May, to 3 to 4 per day in October and 15 per
day in mid-December. These earthquakes are occurring directly beneath
the mountain’s summit at depths close to sea level.

This Volcano erupted in 1976, 1986, skipped 1996 and is poised to erupt
in 2006. Keep your eyes on this one.

Augustine is getting ready