across the nation

Tens of thousands of people (maybe more) turned out today for what
has been called Chick-fil-a appreciation day. People showing their
support for freedom of speech, freedom of religion and opposition to
political pressure to boycott a company because it’s ownership and
leadership believes in marrige betweeen a man and a woman.

Personally, I don’t believe government should be sticking their noses in
this business or any other businesses business. If people are so butt
hurt about Chick-fil-a’s stance on gay marrige then they don’t have to
give them their business, plain and simple. Why does the left urge the
public how to think so much through political pressure? I believe it is
because if left up to the public to make up their own minds, the left
would lose the battle 95% of the time. So to avoid having to wake up
and smell the chicken, PAC’s shout at the top of their collective lungs
to move polititicians in their direction. I just don’t understand why so
many people that do have a belief on a subject are so easily bent into
an opinion that is not their own.

Well, today showed us that there are more strong mided people out
their than the left thought, at least on this topic. I wonder if the gay
marrige movement can organize an appreciation day for some fast
food eatery and show us if it will get the support that Chick-fil-a got
for standing up for the institution of man-woman marrige. I hope that
Der Wienerschnitzel doesn’t take the bait even though I’m sure it would
be good for business!

Incidentally Dan Cathy reported earlier today this little tidbit..

go figure! (laughing out loud)


ring pots?

Apparently these candies are quite real. Ok, really, seriously?
Why is there a loaded looking hippy guy there with a JOINT in
his mouth? Why is the word LEGALIZE written on the candy’s
wrapper? Is there a hidden agenda here? Is it aimed at children?
What do you think?

Below is a video interviewing some people in a park about the pot
candy. Listen to the lady in the black dress and what she has to
say about the weed shaped treat. It may or may not amaze you
but it amazed me.


red honey

Honey can take on a variety of different shades of golden yellow
depending on what flowers the bees gather their nectar from. The
taste of the honey is also affected by the type of nectar the bees
use too. Honey that has a clover base will taste a lot different
from honey that has an orange blossom base. What if your bees
discover a maraschino cherry company in Red Hook, Brooklyn?
Well, besides getting honey that tastes like Red Dye No.40, you get
very red honey too. The taste was described as saccharine and
metallic-tasting. Yuck.

How do you stop bees from foraging from maraschino cherry syrup?
Well, first off, a clean work area at the cherry company can help
a ton and some simple screening will prevent the unwanted visitors
among other things.


the 50/50 burger list

The Food Network has compiled a list of 50 burgers you have to try as
you travel across this great nation. There is one for each of the 50
states. Now most everybody in California, Arizona and Nevada have
had a Double Double from In-n-Out including myself, many, many
times. We here at Admit-one haven’t had any of the other 49 listed
here but we will if we get the chance.

If you have had one of these others, let us know in a comment below
and tell us if the Food Network has done their homework here or not.
Some of these burgers look awsome while some look kind of dumpy.


some kind of fancy food

I’ll bet you’ll never guess what this is mouth watering
dish is. I’ll also bet you’ve had it before and probably
many, many times before… Time for some fun.

It’s a 10 piece order of McNuggets, a large McFry, and a
McSalad plus their McSauses. Yep It’s McDonalds fast
food right there. Can’t believe it? Check it out along with
a ton of other different fast food creations. Bon appitite.


mc 2pounder

Most birthdays invovle many slices of birthday cake, a few cards
and possibly some heavy drinking. A guy named Houmer ended
his 25th with a 2-pound McDonald’s cheeseburger. This monster
concoction consisted of eight 1/4-pound patties and eight slices
of “cheese”. What better way to spend $20 on your 25th birthday?