5k megapixel sky survey

Have some fun zooming in and out of our nite sky. Taken in some of
the darkest nite sky spots in the world, Nick Risinger stiched together
a beautiful 5000 MP image of our entire night sky. His efforts have
produced a beautiful photo that show things in the nite sky that some
people will never ever see with their naked eye in their lifetime.
Go ahead and check it out. Zoom into the Orien Nebula, then check
out the Andromeda Galaxy, then hop over to the Large Magellanic
cloud, then peer into the center of our galaxy. Enjoy.



messier marathon

This weekend, a few friends and I are going to attend yet another
Messier Marathon at GMARS in Landers, CA. Goat Mountain
Astronomical Research Site belongs to the great folks at the Riverside
Astronomical Society. Admission is free and so is camping but there
are rules. If any of you plan to attend (which I seriously doubt) you
must read and adhere to the rules on the RAS website.


In the picture above is the 22 inch reflecting dobsonian telescope
called Capella. Capella used to be owned by the club I am a member
of called the Pomona Valley Amateur Astronomers, PVAA, but was
falling into disrepair and was sold to the RAS group. They fixed her
all up and have her living at GMARS now. The views this telescope
provide are breathtaking to put it mildly. It is usually available to
anyone throughout the evening to look through for FREE! You can
see the giant splooge on the concrete left by the last guy to
look through it.

Hope to see you there although it’s pretty damn dark. Be sure to
bring a red, not too bright flashlight. If you use any other color out
there some big dude from RAS will come over and kick the shit out
of you. Just giving you fair warning.


hams to the rescue

Boy what a mobile radio set up eh? It kills me to see that giant boat
anchor bolted to a truck bed pulling it’s power supply on a trailer
behind it and being called the ultimate mobile radio. Today, a mobile
radio with a lot more capability than the SCR-299 is smaller than a
phone book.

If you are interested in a little radio history, have a watch.


very sexy hamsexy

If you are a ham and your car looks like this one, you are definetly
Hamsexy among other things.

I too have to laugh at some of these hams who’s cars look like a
porcupine rolling down the road. If the car is parked and you have
a chance to look inside, whoaa, look out! It is usually a rolling trash
can and loaded with way too many radios with their microphones
laying about all over the place. I’d hate to get a whiff of the air inside!

I personally find hamsexy.com hillarious but apparently there
are a lot of hams that don’t. Just read the comments. LOL.

Here is a very small excerpt from K1BOS’s Hamsexy website.

Face it – Ham Radio will be all but gone in
a lot shorter time than all of us realize.
If you want to find out the culprit, it isn’t
Echolink or BPL or Riley or even Barack
Obama – it’s YOU, you smelly, fat, old piece
of shit. YOU.


via kc6flg



Book some time on a real scientific grade telescope through the
web and snap some pictures. It’s free! There is also a ridiculously
low price upgrade to access other options on this website. Check
it out. I think Firefox may be a better experience than IE on this one.



perseid meteor shower

If you can, you should try to watch the famed Perseid Meteor
Shower. There finally won’t be any pesky moon to inhibit the viewing
this year. The showers peak will occur on August 12 at 9:00pm EST.
We here on the west coast will have to wait a few more hours but
will still have a nice showing. Estimates are around 60 meteors per
hour with as many as 100 possible which is well over one per minute.
Read the rest.



something of note to hams

Hemet police arrested a woman early today suspected of broadcasting threats at police on emergency radio frequencies.

Irene Marie Levy, 29, of San Jacinto was arrested at her mobile home
in the 900 block of S. Grand Avenue on suspicion of criminal threats.

Police said Levy, who is a Ham Radio technician, made bomb threats and
referenced the death of police and firefighters.

The threats were not connected to previous threats and attacks on
Hemet police and the Hemet-San Jacinto Valley Gang Task Force since
New Year’s Eve, authorities said. Officers have received death threats
and been targeted in assassination attempts by an unknown gang Levy
disguised her voice as a man while operating her radio and
broadcasting on Cal Fire and Hemet police frequencies from Saturday
night until she was arrested early Monday, Hemet police Sgt. Mark
Richards said in a report.

The threats came as firefighters were responding to a brush fire near
Beaumont and conducting a search and rescue call. The threats also
interrupted a fatal traffic collision in Hemet on Saturday night. A
bomb threat was radioed in early Sunday.

Riverside County fire communications officials used direction finding
equipment to triangulate the transmissions, but they were initially
untraceable because the threats were made sporadically. Riverside
police were notified Sunday to track the signals Sunday evening, “Levy
boasted that the police would never find her,” Richards said.

Hemet police, Cal Fire and Riverside police arrested Levy early Monday
following a recently completed threat on a Hemet police frequency. At
the home police found 11 radios, seven frequency scanners, frequency
lists, computer equipment and Levy’s Ham radio technician’s license
issued by the FCC in September 2009, Richards said.

Levy was booked at the Larry Smith Detention Center in lieu of $25,000
bail on suspicion of making terrorist threats, falsely reporting a
bomb threat and maliciously interrupting, disrupting, impeding, or
interfering with a transmission of a public radio frequency


star occultation tonite

By the time most of you read this, the occultation will have
already occured but it’s neat to report on just the same.
This morning, 4/6/10 at about 3:35am the Asteroid #824
– Anastasia will be occulting star HIP 81377 (mag 2.54).
This star/asteroid are in the constellation Ophiucus, roughly
40 degrees up due South-Southwest at 165 degrees from here
in Southern California. This occultation can easily be seen as a
naked eye event. The star Zeta Ophiuchi is a relatively bright
star and is easily seen without the aid of a telescope or binoculars.

UPDATE 4/7/2010

Incredibly enough, of all the people observing the event, only three
people actually saw the occultation. What a shame. take a look at the
actual asteroid track.


Thanks Rob,


globe at night

I wish I had reported this a week earlier but here it is now.
Be sure to try and participate in this yearly event. It only
takes a few minutes of your time. Globe at Night runs from
March 3rd to March 16th. Have fun and participate!

GLOBE at Night is an annual 2-week campaign in March. People all over the
world record the brightness of their night sky by matching its appearance
toward the constellation Orion with star maps of progressively fainter stars.
They submit their measurements on-line and a few weeks later, organizers
release a map of light-pollution levels worldwide. Over the last four GLOBE at
Night campaigns, volunteers from over 100 nations have contributed 35,000
measurements. A record number of nearly 45% of these measurements came
from last year’s campaign as part of the celebration of the International Year
of Astronomy. You can see this data on the Map page.

Thanks to everyone who participates! Through GLOBE at Night, students —
alongside teachers, parents and community members — are amassing a data
set from which they can explore the nature of light pollution locally and across
the globe.


An audio podcast (10 minutes) can be heard on light pollution and how to
participate in GLOBE at Night here, 365daysofastronomy.org