steam’s corner: a comment left on an e-cig hit piece by yours truly

Dr. Choi,

Although nicotine is an addictive substance, so is caffeine. If you ask serious coffee drinkers, you’ll find that they can’t go without their coffee. In small amounts, nicotine is no more dangerous than a can of soda or a cup of coffee. You should know that being a “PhD, MPH”. The question is, is nicotine a carcinogen or hazardous to one’s health? Answer, no and not really. These you should know too. I am not a doctor but I do know that nicotine and caffeine can elevate heart rates. Is that dangerous? Maybe to some but not to most.

Now apparently you haven’t spent much time in researching your answers because if you had, you would have learned that the “anti-freeze” was found in only ONE cartridge and in an extremely small amount. There is more (1)diethylene glycol in a traditional cigarette than what was found in the nicotine liquid tested.

The next fact you obviously need to be made aware of is that the amounts of actual TSNAs (carcinogens) that are detectable in nicotine liquid are TRACE amounts. In fact they are the same amounts or less than that found in nicotine PATCHES. Don’t believe me? (2)LOOK IT UP!

The FDA report on e-cigarette liquids has been invalidated numerous times now and has not been retracted and is also over 3 years old and outdated. Ill informed individuals, such as your self that recite old, outdated data without doing any real research for yourself do MORE harm to the general public by attempting to steer cigarette users away from a much more effective harm reduction method than large pharmaceutical companies can provide. When was the last time you read the warning label on a bottle of chantix or wellbutrin? This stuff CAN KILL YOU. HELLO! To date, no e-cigarette user has been hospitalized for e-cigarette vapor inhalation.

Also, to date, hundreds of thousands of former cigarette users have QUIT smoking traditional cigarettes using e-cigarettes. Now do you want to be responsible for their reverting back to traditional cigarette use because of the mis-information you are providing?

Please do your self a favor and do some research on this subject before you throw your letters around attached to e-cigarette hit pieces. E-cigarettes can SAVE Thousands and thousands and thousands of lives. Get behind a movement that can make tobacco cigarettes obsolete in our lifetimes. Imagine that Kelvin, because patches and gums and harmful mind altering drugs aren’t going to do it.




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I’ll bet my comment does not get approved. These big brained PHD’s

arguments fall apart when confronted with the truth.

I had to post my comment here so that it could be read by others.

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You can read the e-cig hit piece at the following link.