escape pod, sci-fi at it’s best


I just started listening to one of my favorite science fiction
podcasts again. It’s called Escape Pod and it is one of the
best sci-fi podcasts out there. I was there at the beginning
of Steve Eley’s Podcast when it came to life back in 2005 and
used to listen religiously. But then life went this way and that
and next thing I knew, 200 plus episodes passed me by.

There is one consolation however. I have a ton of great Sci-fi
to listen to virtually anytime I want now, thanks to smart phones
and smart cars and I am looking forward to many many hours of
awsome sci-fi for a long time to come… That is, until I catch

One thing does bother me though, I have to admit, I’m not sure
I like not hearing Steve’s voice either hosting the show or
reading the stories. Where did you go Steve? Actually, I am
certain I will find out sooner or later as I progress through
the episodes and locate the changing of the guard.

If you are a Science fiction fan, you will certainly enjoy listening
to Escape Pod. Go ahead, give it a listen.