Steam’s corner: more lies

When it comes to e-cigarettes, There are truly a lot of people that
do not want you to use them. Their concern would be welcome if
indeed they were really looking out for your general health and
welfare but, this isn’t the case.

To sum it up, their concern is their bottom line. What I mean is,
they are interested in money rather than your health. Time after
time, these scientists, researchers, doctors and recently I’ve been
wondering, news outlets, have been shown to have accepted
large sums of money from Pfizer and other pharmaceutical
companies for studies and research on nicotine replacement
therapy i.e. the patch and gum. By endorsing e-cigarettes, you
can believe that the pharma tit will dry up faster than a cup of
water in death valley in the summertime. After all, who is going
to give you money if you endorse someone elses product?
So what do they do to prevent this from happening? They ignore
scientific studies and they lie their asses off. Remember, if you
can effectively eliminate lung disease (at least caused by
cigarettes) these creepy doctors and researchers will be out of
jobs so, by all means make sure you listen to them instead of
doing a little research of your own.

If you are interested in indeed doing a little research of your own,
you can start here.