mars attacked!

Tonights the night…

At around 10:30pm tonight, JPL and NASA will hopefully land
the newest mars rover successfully on the martian surface.
The landing will be accomplished by an altogether new concept
than their previous rover landings by using a rocket powered
sky crane. Lets all hope the rover makes a successful landing
and provides us with a ton of awsome science!

For live coverage of the Mars Science Laboratory landing, be
sure to click the following link tonight around 10:00pm Pacific,
1:00am eastern.

– - – U P D A T E - – -

Curiosity has landed safely with it’s wheels down on the
martian surface! According to the Data, Curiosity landed
perfectly and exactly as planned. Congratulations to all
the hard work and dedication of all the JPL gang in good
old Pasadena that made this historic event happen, and
right on time!

A very happy JPL tech dude. Don’t know who…


across the nation

Tens of thousands of people (maybe more) turned out today for what
has been called Chick-fil-a appreciation day. People showing their
support for freedom of speech, freedom of religion and opposition to
political pressure to boycott a company because it’s ownership and
leadership believes in marrige betweeen a man and a woman.

Personally, I don’t believe government should be sticking their noses in
this business or any other businesses business. If people are so butt
hurt about Chick-fil-a’s stance on gay marrige then they don’t have to
give them their business, plain and simple. Why does the left urge the
public how to think so much through political pressure? I believe it is
because if left up to the public to make up their own minds, the left
would lose the battle 95% of the time. So to avoid having to wake up
and smell the chicken, PAC’s shout at the top of their collective lungs
to move polititicians in their direction. I just don’t understand why so
many people that do have a belief on a subject are so easily bent into
an opinion that is not their own.

Well, today showed us that there are more strong mided people out
their than the left thought, at least on this topic. I wonder if the gay
marrige movement can organize an appreciation day for some fast
food eatery and show us if it will get the support that Chick-fil-a got
for standing up for the institution of man-woman marrige. I hope that
Der Wienerschnitzel doesn’t take the bait even though I’m sure it would
be good for business!

Incidentally Dan Cathy reported earlier today this little tidbit..

go figure! (laughing out loud)