help me out here…

Today, Justice Roberts sided with the four most liberal Justices
sitting on the Supreme Court of the United States. Justice
Roberts who is middle of the road with respect to our political
party system handed President Obama his seat in presidential
domestic policy history. The Supreme Court had several weeks
to rule on this Obamacare bill and I can’t believe Justice Roberts
seemed to have missed this little fact about writing laws for
America and it’s people.

First, here is the logic. Justice Roberts interprets the constitution
as stating that the government may not compel any Americans to
buy something from a private party under the Commerce clause
(good so far), but then says that congress can compel Americans
to pay the IRS taxes (a penalty or fine) if they do not buy
something from a private party. I’m sorry but does this even make
any sense?

It is a documented truth that the Obamacare bill that was
shoved through Congress two years ago and signed into law by
President BH Obama on March 23, 2010 was crafted and written
by the Senate. Now here is the little fact I mentioned earlier… In
Article 8 section 7 of the U.S. Constitution it states that all bills
for raising revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives.
By raising revenue they mean, taxation or creating tax law for the
purpose of spending by the U. S. Government.

It seems to me that Obamacare should be deemed null and void
based on this information and it also seems to me that all nine
Justices serving on the Supreme Court of the United States should
know this, after all, they all pledged an oath to uphold the
Constitution didn’t they? That means that they should know what
it says.

And for some interesting perspective from Peter Schiff, watch this: