the cure for cancer

The FDA, the National Cancer institute and big pharma are all in bed
together as well as many, many unethical doctors and scientists in my
opinion and over what? The cure for cancer.

I am amazed that I wasn’t aware of this until yesterday but whether
you believe it or not, there does seem to be a cure, thats right, a
CURE for malignant cancers and tumors that is NOT radiation or
chemotherapy and is NOT carcinogenic. It has NO side effects other
than to eliminate cancer. Sound unbelievable? Read on.

There is a doctor in Texas that discovered several medicines way
back in the mid 70’s that has CURED thousands and thousands of
cancer patients to date but has and is still being surpressed by,
you guessed it, the FDA, the NCI, and always in the background, big
Pharma. He has been in front of a Grand Jury over six times to date
by the FDA trying to put him in prison, His data and records stolen
under the guise of subpoena, his research duplicated by big Pharma,
AND his patents duplicated by big Pharma. All for the love of money.

You see, the FDA and big Pharma can not allow one man to hold the
patents for the cure for cancer. What would big Pharma do without
all that money that chemotherapy drugs generate for them?

Please understand that if and when the good doctors medicines are
approved for public use, it will allow a single scientist to hold an
exclusive right to manufacture and sell these medicines on the open
market—leaving the pharmaceutical industry absent in profiting from
the most effective gene-targeted cancer treatment the world has
ever seen. What really makes me angry is the fact that these
medicines were discovered almost 40 years ago and are to this day,
still not on the market.

Sound interesting? I highly urge you to watch this documentary. It
is quite an eye opener. It makes me wonder how many times the FDA
and big Pharma have been successful in repressing cures for disease
that we haven’t heard about, after all, there is no money in curing
people of disease but there sure is a boat load of money in treating
people for disease. Think about it.

This documentary is 108 minutes long without any commercial
interruptions. It will also be aired on the Documentary Channel on
May 4th, 2012. Get as many people to watch this and then let your
voice be heard about the unethical practices of our corrupted
system and the abuses of our beloved with cancer and the FDA’s
refusal to allow life saving drugs to CURE this blight called cancer.

You must click the link below the picture to watch the film.

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