Steam’s corner: opinions are like assholes

This article sheds a little more light on the poor guy in Florida that had his
mod blow up in his face. How they came to the conclusion that the mod was
triple stacked for a 9 volt vape is beyond me at this point. What I am taking
issue with is the head editor of the electronic cigarette review website, Dan Henry’s statement. Dan said, “I don’t include Electric Cigar
Reviews or Mods Reviews on my website because I don’t recognize them
as being in the same industry as Electronic Cigarettes. They are dangerous
and I do not recommend they be sold or used.” Seriously Dan?

IMHO there isn’t an “electronic cigarette” that can hold a candle to a ProVari or
a Darwin or Buzz Pro or several other “electronic cigars” and their numerous safety
features built in which ALL have even the most basic safety feature not
found on any electronic cigarette that I’ve ever seen, namely a vent hole.

I couldn’t find a comment area on the article so I thought I’d post my thoughts here.

What do you think?