steam’s corner: resolutions?

Most everyone makes a resolution or two for New Years however,
not everyone keeps their promise to themselves. Having the desire
to change something in one’s life for the better is a noble undertaking
to be sure. The problem is that it’s not always that easy to do.

For a lot of people, quitting smoking is going to be their New Year’s
Resolution. To those people that desire to become smoke free and
actually try to do it this year, I am behind you 100% and wish you
a heart felt Good Luck! It ain’t easy! But, it can be done!

If you really have the desire to kick the habit, my advise to you is
forget about the patch, forget about the gum and forget about
bandits and snus. If you really want to kick the butts this year
and do it for good, I suggest you try an e-cig and some quality
e-juice from a reputable American supplier. I did it and it’s been
just over a year since I’ve bought a pack of cigarettes.

Vaping instead of smoking still delivers nicotine but it leaves behind
ALL of the cancer causing chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes.
The flavors of e-juice are incredible and number over 100 to date.
You can also vary the amount of nicotine in your e-cig from high
to low to none. Not like a “light” cigarette which still gives you ALL
of the cancer causing chemicals, the ingredients in e-juice are
completely FDA safe for human consumption with NO carcinogens.

By using an e-cig you also have that security blanket feeling of
actually holding your e-cig as like a cigarette and also still have
that hand to mouth habit that we smokers have programmed into
our selves. By mimicking the old habits of smoking, the transition
to vaping is seamless without the deadly smoke of cigarettes.

One thing to note for those that believe that nicotine is a cancer
causing agent, this is simply not true. nicotine is a stimulant just
as caffeine is. In fact caffeine and nicotine are produced by
plants as a defense mechanism to kill insects that attempt to eat
the leaves of the plant. Nicotine is in fact used as a modern day
insecticide and it is highly effective. So, the myth that nicotine is
a cancer causing agent is simply not true. You can do the minimal
research for your self on the Internet and I encourage you to do

Personally, I just want to say that the electronic cigarette helped
me to quit smoking on the very same day I bought it. I never
looked back. I believe for a cigarette smoker to quit smoking by
using an e-cig, they have to want to give up cigarettes and must
be willing to do so before they can become unchained from their
unhealthy habit. Once off the butts and using an e-cig, one can
very easily lower their nicotine level and not even notice the
change until they are also nicotine free if they so choose to do.

Finally, the last thing to mention is the up to 80% savings in
costs associated with vaping vs. smoking. You will definitely enjoy
having a lot more money in your pocket as vaping is so much less
expensive than smoking. A very nice PV or personal vaporizer will
cost in the $50.00 range which is about the average cost of a
carton of filter cigarettes and e-juice on average costs about
10 to 50 cents a milliliter. The average vaper uses about 3 mils a
day making your daily cost of vaping well under 2 dollars a day.

There is my suggestion for you if you are going to try to kick the
smoking habit this New Years day. I know you can do it, you just
have to want to, thats all. Good luck!