Steam’s corner: a letter to the city clerk of Alameda CA

The city of Alameda is proposing a city wide ban on tobacco which
will include the use of e-cigarettes. The ban is quite imposing
including prohibitions in places of employment and public places.
It also includes a vaping ban at outdoor work sites, public sidewalks,
construction sites, small businesses, owner-operated
businesses open to the public, and outdoor seating areas at
restaurants and bars. Recreation areas and prohibitions in multi-
unit rental complexes are slated for the ban including balconies and

Can you imagine that? Where have our freedoms gone people?
Who are they to take our freedoms like that at the whim of a
three person council and who the hell are we to allow it?

Here is a copy of the letter I sent to the clerk of Alameda:

To who it may concern,

Just a quick note to say that I have been a non-smoker
now for 10 months because of my personal vaporizer or “e-cig”.
Banning something that is not illegal is probably not a good idea
and will probably not stand up in court. Remember, it’s
tobacco that is the bad guy here, not e-cigarettes. There is NO
tobacco in an e-cigarette. I ask you to consider this when
you make any hasty decisions that reflect on more people than
just the citizens of Alameda.

Thank you for your time,

Compton already approved this form of tyranny:


ring pots?

Apparently these candies are quite real. Ok, really, seriously?
Why is there a loaded looking hippy guy there with a JOINT in
his mouth? Why is the word LEGALIZE written on the candy’s
wrapper? Is there a hidden agenda here? Is it aimed at children?
What do you think?

Below is a video interviewing some people in a park about the pot
candy. Listen to the lady in the black dress and what she has to
say about the weed shaped treat. It may or may not amaze you
but it amazed me.


steam’s corner: LAVC vapemeet

LA Vapers Club Vapemeet, Clubhouse 66 – Glendora, CA 10-8-11

I just wanted to say thank you to Darrin of the LA Vapers Club for
doing another stellar job of hosting yet another Vapemeet for all the
Southern California vapers out here. I have attended 3 meets now
and have had a total blast each time so again, thanks Darrin, your
efforts are greatly appreciated by me and all of us, I’m sure.

Now vapemeets are a lot of fun but it’s our local vendors that
really make the meet-ups pop! So a huge thank you to all of our
vendors who bring merchandise for sale and provide samples and
give aways for our raffle. Your generosity is matched only by
your great friendship. We really appreciate you being here.

And lastly, there are a few vendors that I’d like to thank personally
because they have always been there to help me and provide me
with the best vaping experience I can have. is an awesome site and two of the coolest people
I know, Sayer and Ayse. All us vapers could get along just fine with
Bombay alone! is the first Internet store I bought vaping
accessories from. The team at Liberty Flights is top notch and
they take Pay Pal. Not many vape vendors do, thanks to Pay Pal’s
retarded no tobacco policy. is a company I wanted to give a shout out to also
because they provided me with a sample of a new product that
seems to work well and I’ll be buying more. What is it? It’s called
Atty refresher and I’m impressed. And last on this short list is, Elixir is a phenomenal vape site providing more than
just great e-liquid. Elixir provides an awesome internet video forum/
support group for anyone that cares to join in. I have met over
100 new friends in the last ten months because of Elixir and for
that I am grateful so thank you Elixir.