steam’s corner: pv collection

MS Mandycat asked for a photo of her fellow vaper’s PV collections.
This is a pic of my collection that I sent to her.

From left to right they are:

The Boge Revolution V2
The Saber Touch Mini
a basic 510
the E-Power (14650)
an eGo with a 306 DCA
my new ProVari
and above, my ultra mini box mod (10280)

Three of them were won in various contests on the ECF board and
ElixirTV (

If you want to watch a bunch of vapers doing their thing, come
watch a show or two over on Stickam. If you are a new vapor, you
just might win some juice or something.



lacking in the business department

Nearly 8 in 10 of the members of the U.S. Congress
lack an academic background in economics or business.

According to a study by the Employment Policies
Institute (EPI), only 8.4 percent have a degree in
economics, while 13.7 percent hold a degree in business
or accounting.

Is there any wonder why our nation is on the brink of


steam’s corner: the provari

So I entered the world of high voltage vaping yesterday. With the
help of two very good friends of mine, I was able to secure the last
ProVari that Jason had at his store, (E-Cig City in Laguna Beach),
before I got there at 2:00pm for the SCVC Vape Meet!

To sum the ProVari up in one word, I think I’d have to go with awsome.
I am very impressed with this new mod. I can’t say that this the last
mod I’ll ever buy but aside from the Buzz Pro, I really don’t see any
mods on the market that really surpass this one dollar for dollar for
what you get. Since vaping is realitively new, I am sure that in the
coming years there will be something new that’ll blow us away but till
then, I think I’m done buying mods for a long time!

If you are thinking about vaping at voltages higher than 3.7 volts, you
can not beat the ProVari or the Buzz Pro for that matter in fact, I was
really torn between the two. I think the deciding factors for me were
the fact that this ProVari was available and the Buzz Pro has a two to
three week waiting list. Besides these, Jack and Donna sort of made
me an offer I just couldn’t refuse!

So there ya go, three thumbs up for the ProVari from Steam’s corner.


customers… who needs em?

Me: “Hi, thanks for calling [store]. How may I help you?”

Caller: extremely inebriated “I just noticed a bump on my privates.”

Me: “Excuse me?

Caller: “I need to come over and have you take a look at it.”

Me: “Sir, I think you want a doctor. This is a hardware store.”

Caller: long pause “You’re not my mom?”

Funny stuff here! Spend some time listening to some of the dumbest
customers and their stories I’ve heard in a long time.


don’t shoot!

Here is a 16 minute video of six photographers shooting pictures in
London for the London Film Festival. It sounds boring but it is actually
quite interesting to see the resistance these guys get from each of
the building security people they encounter. Basically it is not illegal
to take photographs of anything anywhere if you are standing on
public property. Makes sence right? Well you wouldn’t know it by
talking to building security!
Take a few minutes of your time to watch the lame excuses the
security people make up as these photographers try to do their thing.
Then listen to what the cops have to say.


the commodore 64 raised to the 19th power

I am beside myself. I was a Commodore C64 nut back in the late 80’s
early 90’s. I had a VIC20 and later on several C64’s. Those machines
were the best in the day. I still have them in the garage along with
all the software on 5 1/4” floppies!

Well it appears as if the C64 is back with a vengence! A mutated
monster of it’s former self. The C64 Extreme has a DVD R/W, BlueRay
and 3 terrabytes of hard drive storage running an i7 processor! Don’t
believe me? Take a look.

It will emulate the C64 of course but it will run ubuntu and Windows
if you want. Holy Shit.

I want one, and you know what that means….