steams corner: Lowes

I wrote this e-mail to Lowes customer support about a week ago.
They still haven’t responded. Is Lowes customer care department
populated with idiots? Perhaps.

I’m still wating for a response from them… Do you think they will?

Dear customer care,

Apparently Lowes store Policy Number 415 states that employees may not use
personal vaporizers or more commonly known as E-cigarettes any longer on company
premises and this policy also apparently includes customers. Is this true? If so, does
that mean a steaming cup of coffee is also banned from the store too? Because in
essence, the vapor that comes from a personal vaporizer is simply water vapor and
flavoring. I would appreciate some clarification in this matter please. Now if you want
to make a policy, you should ban people with horrendous body odor or women that
bathe in cheap perfume, now thats offensive.

I am now a non-smoker for 4 full months due to switching to a personal vaporizer
and my quality of life has improved tenfold because of that switch. I will also tell you
that every one of my many friends support me and e-cigarettes 100% and to date
I have convinced 6 of my friends to make the switch from tobacco to vaporizing too.
Remember that all of my many friends have many friends too.

Now I understand that stores can make any policy they care to and that is your
perrogative but it is also the consumers perrogative to not shop in your store when
Home Depot is a lot closer and has no ban or policy. E-cigs create no ashes and are
not disposable therefore no cigarette butts. Also, e-cigarettes contain no tobacco
and do not produce smoke. Lastly, e-cigarettes are not illegal. Companies had better
think long and hard about banning personal vaporizer or “e-cig” usage in their stores
because these are the wave of the future for smokers. To sum it up, if you ban my
use of a personal vaporizer in your store, I will not shop in your store any longer and
I will tell my friends.

Thank you for your time, I look forward to your response.

UPDATE: 4-24-2011

Lowes response was in my e-mailbox this morning.

Your message was deleted without being read on Sunday, April 24, 2011
2:14:52 AM (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada).

Now that is superior Lowes customer care if there ever was any.
And you know damn good and well someone read it.
Enough said.


9 eyes

Google’s Street View is fascinating as well as a helpfull tool for
internet users. There are some incredible images to be seen if
you just go looking for them. 9 Eyes is an art project that has
some interesting images to see although there are other sites
out there with unususal and often funny images too. Go look
for them and don’t forget to explore our world throught the
eyes of Google Street View also.


the new beetle

The new V W Beetle.

Anyone like it?

Okay Edvard, based on a few of the pics, it does look a bit Porsche
inspired, even more than a bit. The wheels help. I will admit that based
on the artists pic below, it does look pretty bad ass. I hate to say it
though, it also has a slight PT Cruiser look to it too.
Thanks for the comments.