messier marathon

This weekend, a few friends and I are going to attend yet another
Messier Marathon at GMARS in Landers, CA. Goat Mountain
Astronomical Research Site belongs to the great folks at the Riverside
Astronomical Society. Admission is free and so is camping but there
are rules. If any of you plan to attend (which I seriously doubt) you
must read and adhere to the rules on the RAS website.

In the picture above is the 22 inch reflecting dobsonian telescope
called Capella. Capella used to be owned by the club I am a member
of called the Pomona Valley Amateur Astronomers, PVAA, but was
falling into disrepair and was sold to the RAS group. They fixed her
all up and have her living at GMARS now. The views this telescope
provide are breathtaking to put it mildly. It is usually available to
anyone throughout the evening to look through for FREE! You can
see the giant splooge on the concrete left by the last guy to
look through it.

Hope to see you there although it’s pretty damn dark. Be sure to
bring a red, not too bright flashlight. If you use any other color out
there some big dude from RAS will come over and kick the shit out
of you. Just giving you fair warning.


famous objects from classic movies

If you know what movie this object belongs to, you will probably do
alright in this game. Game play is a lot like hangman but in this game
it’s three strikes and you lose this round. I’d bet this would be a great
game for the family or friends to play or at a party. Give it a try. It is
quite addictive.

By the way, the feather above is not from Forrest Gump.


steam’s corner

I think that we here at admit-one will, from time to time, add posts
about e-cigarette related things whether informative or funny, just
for the heck of it. It’s been 11 weeks or so that I have quit smoking
cigarettes and I really feel good about it. That being said, you can
imagine that I am keeping up with everything e-cig from hardware to
politics. When something comes along that I feel should be shared, I’ll
do it right here.

When I was a kid, I collected MAD magazines. I’d guess I have every
issue from around 1968 to about 1980, including the cool stickers and
stuff they put in there their special issues. Anyway, this came along
and I thought I’d share. Smoking wasn’t really an issue back in the
late 60’s but MAD magazine put a spin on it and I remember this one.
A couple of these reminded me of e-smokes.