change the ball’s color game

Okay, we got the e-mail for this game yesterday from a friend. You
can see that it’s been forwarded 82 times. No one has even tried to
tell about their experience with this little time wasting diversion, just
the automatic forward click and away it goes. Well…. We here at
Admit-One don’t roll that way.

First of all, when it comes to “viral” forwarded emails or just bullshit
forwarded emails of any kind, if you send it to me, I am like the dead
letter office at the Post Office. I don’t click forward, I click delete.
The buck stops here as they say. Sometimes (rarely) an e-mail will
come along that is a gem, a diamond in the rough so to speak. These
emails will make it here to Admit-One for all to see.

This particular e-mail made it, not because it was a gem, so to say,
but because it gave me an opportunity to talk about how I deal with
forwarded e-mail and because it really isn’t hard to change the color
of the damn ball. This brings me back to the point about forwarding
e-mail. If you feel an e-mail is worth forwarding, please personalize
it a bit by lifting your lazy fucking hands to the keyboard and saying
something about it in the e-mail. Trust me, even though your friends
never tell you, they really do appreciate it, and it isn’t that hard to

Now, about this game. It also ISN”T freaking hard to do as the damn
un-personalized forwarded e-mail would strongly suggest. I must have
changed the stupid ball color 100 times in a 3 minute period of time.
Try it for yourself, tell me I’m wrong.

So, go forward grasshopper and be considerate to your e-mail friends.
Send not un-personalized bogus e-mails any longer. Actually take a
few minutes to personalize an e-mail if you choose to forward it and
be sure to strip all the other crap from the previous 50 forwards so
your friend doesn’t have to wade through the mire like you did and
finally, sin no more.