true grit

We here at admit-one just saw the Coen Brother’s newest film
offering which is a movie remake of Charles Portis’ book called
True Grit. The original movie of this novel starring John Wayne
and Kim Darby was made in 1969. Both movies were great.

We thoroughly enjoyed the new movie with Bridges, Damon,
Brolin,and Hailee Stienfeld as Mattie Ross. We think you will too.
It is especially nice to see it on the wide screen of the theater
so I’d recommend seeing it there before you wait for the DVD to
arrive as it may be a long wait.

One thing to note. You will notice during the movie that there
are virtually no contractions used throughout the dialog. If you
think this is weird or dislike it, you may be interested to know
that Charles Portis wrote the book in this way and that the Coen
brothers are keeping to the true speaking style of the book.

Enjoy some popcorn and a movie.


next five in five

IBM has come out with their next 5 in 5 list. These are things we
should be seeing within the next five years. Imagine batteries that
are smaller, lighter and last 10 times longer than they do today.

How about Interacting with your friends using realtime 3D holograms
right from your phone? This is also one of the 5 in 5 predictions from
IBM. Amazing stuff, read the rest in the link below.


wind cube

What a great idea. The designers estimate that each Wind Cube will
be able to generate 21.6KWh of electricity and 15 such systems
connected and working together could produce all the energy a family
of four needs. I like the fact that in sever high wind you can simply
push the blades into the slots to prevent damage then pop them
back out into place when the storm passes.


red honey

Honey can take on a variety of different shades of golden yellow
depending on what flowers the bees gather their nectar from. The
taste of the honey is also affected by the type of nectar the bees
use too. Honey that has a clover base will taste a lot different
from honey that has an orange blossom base. What if your bees
discover a maraschino cherry company in Red Hook, Brooklyn?
Well, besides getting honey that tastes like Red Dye No.40, you get
very red honey too. The taste was described as saccharine and
metallic-tasting. Yuck.

How do you stop bees from foraging from maraschino cherry syrup?
Well, first off, a clean work area at the cherry company can help
a ton and some simple screening will prevent the unwanted visitors
among other things.


bacon bill

I am not a big fan of John McCain (R-AZ) but he definetly laid one out
to the Prez this afternoon. The budget bill rammed through congress is
something to be ashamed of to put it lightly. The bill is over 1900 pages
long, (sound familiar?), and is so fat in pork and earmarks that each
page accounts for over 500 million of this proposed 1.1 trillion dollar
budget. It is just shameful. Who the puck is representing us???

This link is not long at all and I recommend you read it.


korg monotron

I have the original DS-10 by XSEED games for the Nintendo DS.
This is a mind bending piece of software that emulates the
Korg MS-10 to a tee. Lots of fun if you like synthesizers. XSEED
simulates the Korg but you can now get a genuine Korg analog
ribbon synthesizer to play with and you can use it to filter other
insturments if you want. Check it out.



“Skywatchers, grab your blankets. December’s night sky spectacular
will feature the best meteor shower of 2010”... Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’ve
heard that one before. Well, i guess we shall see. At least those who
are serious about watching meteor showers anyway. Seriously however,
if you check out at least one meteor shower a year, this should be the
one. It usually is the best of them all.

There will also be a total lunar eclipse on the 20th of December visible
in North America this year too so be ready for it. It’s just 10 days away.



post-it show

Giant Robot is presenting Post-It Show 6 at Giant Robot 2 in Los Angeles
starting this weekend. There are over 2000 post-it note art drawings for
you to paruse and for as little as $20.00 you can buy them. Personally, I’d
rather make them myself. One thing is for sure, these would definetly be
something to buy for that person who has everything.

Merry Christmas.