under new managment

Hold onto your sunscreen, the sun is now owned by a woman
in the region of Galicia in Spain. She has just recently registered
the star as her own property. It gets better, She plans to charge
everyone who uses the sun too. Sun rates havent been made
public yet but she sure knows what she is going to do with the

I can’t wait to hear about the lawsuits for skin cancer and
droughts and exposed film and flyballs lost in the sun. What other
lawsuits can be thought up? The skies the limit.

Read the article.


ummm, er… hmmmm.

Alright, it’s official.

This woman is pathetic…

WRONG! Boy, do I feel like a dick.

It turns out this Segway lady is a cancer surviver and her Segway
is a major help to her in her everyday life. Ummmm, er… I feel stupid,
and pathatic, but one thing is certain, this Segway lady is an angel.

Thanks Mark for bringing that to my attention, I appreciate it.


very sexy hamsexy

If you are a ham and your car looks like this one, you are definetly
Hamsexy among other things.

I too have to laugh at some of these hams who’s cars look like a
porcupine rolling down the road. If the car is parked and you have
a chance to look inside, whoaa, look out! It is usually a rolling trash
can and loaded with way too many radios with their microphones
laying about all over the place. I’d hate to get a whiff of the air inside!

I personally find hamsexy.com hillarious but apparently there
are a lot of hams that don’t. Just read the comments. LOL.

Here is a very small excerpt from K1BOS’s Hamsexy website.

Face it – Ham Radio will be all but gone in
a lot shorter time than all of us realize.
If you want to find out the culprit, it isn’t
Echolink or BPL or Riley or even Barack
Obama – it’s YOU, you smelly, fat, old piece
of shit. YOU.


via kc6flg


camp bubble

You can rent this bubble tent for $600.00 a night in France. I’m not
sure I’d shell out that kind of money for one night but the idea is
intriguing. There is another tent style that has some privacy which
is the one I’d opt for but all in all, this bubble tent would be really cool
to camp in for a weekend I think. It would be a slightly new way to
sleep under the stars.



just wondering…

Listen to this chick’s story when she refused a full body scan at the
airport. Now I’m just wondering if anyone else is getting a little
weirded out at our country and what I consider to be Gestapo
tactics being performed at our airports now? I mean really, WTF is
up with this psycological abuse and mental conditioning? Not to
mention the pervert tactics of the full grope frisk and the e-porno
scans. For all anyone knows your naked picture could be ending up
on some x-rated website.

I think it is legalized criminal behavior. Lets face it, these TSA agents
are in essence doing something that anyone else outside of a bording
pass line would be arrested and prosecuted for. I mean really, cops
don’t even grab your woody or ta ta’s when you get arrested. Why
are these TSA agents allowed to do this? They say it is for the greater
good. Yeah, uh-huh, doesn’t this sound like a line out of the communist
playbook? Wake up!

Now bording flight 932 to Boston, get in line for your legalized sexual
assault. And to keep any shred of dignity you may still have left, you
better keep your mouth shut or you will be made an example of. Now
enjoy your flight.


It was brought to my attention by a friend that this story
isn’t exactly accurate as shown on the video. Let’s just say
that the truth was streached quite a bit by the chick. You
can read about it here: jalopnik.com

Thanks Rob,