Book some time on a real scientific grade telescope through the
web and snap some pictures. It’s free! There is also a ridiculously
low price upgrade to access other options on this website. Check
it out. I think Firefox may be a better experience than IE on this one.


the 50/50 burger list

The Food Network has compiled a list of 50 burgers you have to try as
you travel across this great nation. There is one for each of the 50
states. Now most everybody in California, Arizona and Nevada have
had a Double Double from In-n-Out including myself, many, many
times. We here at Admit-one haven’t had any of the other 49 listed
here but we will if we get the chance.

If you have had one of these others, let us know in a comment below
and tell us if the Food Network has done their homework here or not.
Some of these burgers look awsome while some look kind of dumpy.


guffy weekend

I just returned from Guffy Campground in the Angeles National Forest
a few hours ago. Kevin (KC6FLG) and I did a radio weekend up there
at 8300 feet ASL. We set up a full size 40 meter delta loop at about
80 feet off the ground. The tuner sat at the apex of the inverted loop
and was about 15 feet off the ground. Signals were very very good
and we heard Europe in the morning and Japan in the evening. We
worked 17, 20, and 40 meters and had an enjoyable weekend, even
if the weather wasn’t totally cooperative.

We had some very extreme weather on Friday and Saturday including
moderate gusty winds as well as hail and rain and lightning and
thunder. At one point on Friday the hail almost turned the ground
white but it melted very quickly. We had a couple lightning strikes
within a few miles and one strike that boomed thunder less than a
second after the flash. Big fun when you have antennas in the trees
near by.

While we were up there enjoying a bizzare weather radio weekend, we
thought we would try giving ol’ BFH a call on the Randsburg repeater
which we were able to reach with ease from our 8300 foot campsite.
I called John over the repeater and was contacted by a guy named
Jack, (NL7SX). Jack had told me that about a month and a half ago,
John was driving home to his house in Randsburg from Ridgecrest
and had run off the road. Jack then said that John “didn’t survive the
experience”. I was shocked a bit but, knowing John and his lifestyle,
I kind of saw it comming. All I can say is I am saddened by the news.

I haven’t actually confirmed the news but I plan to check in with the
CHP in the next few days to see if I can get more information. If the
news is true, the Ham community has lost a valuable member regardless
of what most people thought of him.

John, WA6BFH, was 57.

Dave, Thank you for the quick research confirming John’s passing,
I greatly appreciate it. Anyone concerned or interested about John’s
passing, please read the first comment on this post.