fake tv

Here is a neat little device that simulates someone watching
TV. Burglars don’t like it when they think someone is home.
Attach this little gem to a timer when you go somewhere and
it will come on and deter would be burglars. Great idea and
relatively inexpensive at $30 bucks, wouldn’t you say?
Watch the video on the page.



bladeless fan?

Well, apparently someone invented a bladeless fan. It looks
interesting but the $299.00 to $329.00 price range for a 10”
and a 12” fan just scares me right over to a conventional fan
for $29.99. Give it time however, you know within 12 months
the Chinese will duplicate it and it’ll be in a Walmart near you
for $50.00 or so.

Let Sir Dyson explain this thing to you below on YouTube.


The last time I checked, impellers had blades.


star occultation tonite

By the time most of you read this, the occultation will have
already occured but it’s neat to report on just the same.
This morning, 4/6/10 at about 3:35am the Asteroid #824
– Anastasia will be occulting star HIP 81377 (mag 2.54).
This star/asteroid are in the constellation Ophiucus, roughly
40 degrees up due South-Southwest at 165 degrees from here
in Southern California. This occultation can easily be seen as a
naked eye event. The star Zeta Ophiuchi is a relatively bright
star and is easily seen without the aid of a telescope or binoculars.

UPDATE 4/7/2010

Incredibly enough, of all the people observing the event, only three
people actually saw the occultation. What a shame. take a look at the
actual asteroid track.


Thanks Rob,