the Coakley joke on Massachusetts

Okay, okay, OKAY!, I concede!

Amazingly enough, I don’t even think the polls had closed when
Coakley the joke from Massachusetts conceded to Scott Brown
in the special election to fill the late Ted Kennedy’s senate seat
today. I’m sure Senator elect Brown will buy a brand new chair
for his new office after all, who wants to smell like, er uh, 50 year
old Chivas.

Another amazing and interesting fact about Coakley the joke’s
instant concession is that she now holds the world record for
conceding to an opponent after taking it away from the brief
possession of Senator John Kerry. Too bad Jack. I understand
John Kerry actually called Martha (Marsha, who cares?) and
congratulated and thanked her for taking the record.

I hear it was a landslide victory for Scott Brown, maybe it was better
to not actually count the votes after all… The Democrats in power
might really look bad. One thing I know is that Obama really looks bad
for stumping for her.


angry people in local newspapers

The author feels sorry for local news photographers. He feels
they are hugely skilled and poorly paid, and sent out to
photograph miserable people pointing at dog turds so here,
he celebrates their work.

What does the photographer say to the people being
interviewed? O K, look angry for me… Remember, you’re
mad as hell… Check it out


make a suicide resolution for 2010

Are you ready to ditch your e-life for good? Are you sick of
tweeting and getting tweeted all the time? Does your face feel
like it’s been pressed in a book for too long now? Do you want
your life back? Well it’s time to commit web suicide 2.0.

Interestingly enough, Facebook doesn’t want you to commit
web suicide. Facebook has banned the following web site from
giving you back a life. follow the suicidemachine link to read
more about it.