will you kiss me?

That is what Jintao asks Obama in this crazy SNL video.
Sorry there is no YouTube here for you to watch because
YouTube isn’t showing the video anymore due to copyright
infringement. That’s funny, every SNL Bush, Palin, McCain
video is still up and running on YouTube. You think it’s
Whitehouse pressure or NBC? Here is the original YouTube
video link.


Now go to msunderestimated.com and watch it before
they pull the video from there too. It’ hilarious.



one lucky drunk

I cringe when I watch this video but I chuckle a little
too when I see this drunk fall off the platform onto the
subway track unable to stand up from being so bombed.
I know it’s sick but hey, thank God the train driver
wasn’t drunk huh? Really, I would have hated to see her
get killed.

I’ll bet most people didn’t notice that the knuckle head
standing on the platform closest to the on-coming
train actually gets hit by the train. If the train didn’t stop
or was going faster there may have been two victims.


queen mamaobama, live it up while you can

This might get you a little upset. Here is an interesting read
about the First Lady and our hard earned tax money she is
spending while living in the White House.

Total Personal Staff members for other first ladies paid by taxpayers:

Mamie Eisenhower : 1 paid for personally out of President’s salary
Jackie Kennedy: 1
Roseline Carter: 1
Barbara Bush: 1
Hilary Clinton: 3
Laura Bush: 13
Michele Obama: 22+?

I think it’s appalling.

Read the article, theres a list of staff members.
Funny how it took some Canadian press agency to blow the
whistle on this one.