The DinKey has moved

Now that GeoCities is history, I had to find a new
home for my DinKey sale website and I did just that.
The DinKey’s new home is at I am very
happy with them so far and I am grateful that they
offer free website hosting like GeoCities used to. Of
course there will be advertisements like Geocities
had but I don’t think they will be nearly as intrusive.
All in all, I think is going to work out just
fine for me and you should consider if you
have a need to put up a personal web presence too.

The DinKey can now be found at:

Try the link, let me know if it works.

Try this one…


mt. whitney hut

It is more than likely that not very many people know that
Mt. Whiteny is the tallest mountain peak in the continental United
States. It is also likely that there are less people that know that
there is a three room cabin at the summit of Mt Whitney either.

In 1909 it took four weeks to build a three room cabin or hut on
Mt. Whitney. The cabin was built for astronomers to try and make
observations that might prove the existance of water on Mars. The
insurment they used was a 16 inch reflector. Today the cabin is
available to anyone that can make the 14,000 plus foot climb to
use for an over nighter or just a place to rest before they head back
down the trail.

It is interesting to note that there was no wood used in the cabin’s
construction and the cabin turned 100 years old last August. The
cabin is made out of steel, cement, stones and glass and nothing
more. In 1909, the director of the Lick Observatory told the New
York Times that the hut “should last 500 years.” That was quite a

I guess none of us will ever know if it survives another 400 years
or not just like no one could have ever guessed that there would
be anyone celebrating the 400th anniversary of Galileo’s
demonstration of the telescope last August either.

Dueling anniversaries, pretty remarkable.

via kd6hdx, good luck Dave.


a 7.8 in southern california

You know the big one is coming, it’s just a matter of when…
Here is a very cool video simulation of the shock waves
generated by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake. It may look
pretty in the video but you know it’s going to be a freakin
nightmare when it does happen and I’m pretty sure it will
in my lifetime. I just hope I’ve moved the hell out of
California by then.