sourtoe cocktail

Going directly into the weird department is this little offering,
the sourtoe cocktail. Good grief man, how gross. No thanks for
me, I’ll just watch. Funny thing about this is that there have
been to date eight toes used in this drink. The first one was
swallowed and never recovered. I’m not sure how the last six
after that met their demise but it was probably due to swallowing
also. With the exception of the first toe used in this drink, the
last seven have all been donated. The last donated toe arrived
in a jar of alcohol with a note reading, “Don’t wear open toed
sandals while mowing the lawn.” LOFL! And there you go.


some kind of fancy food

I’ll bet you’ll never guess what this is mouth watering
dish is. I’ll also bet you’ve had it before and probably
many, many times before… Time for some fun.

It’s a 10 piece order of McNuggets, a large McFry, and a
McSalad plus their McSauses. Yep It’s McDonalds fast
food right there. Can’t believe it? Check it out along with
a ton of other different fast food creations. Bon appitite.



This is a cartoon made 50 years ago. It is so appropriate to
this day and age. Personally I can’t understand how so many
Americans can be blinded of the fact that our current government
is trying to slowly turn this country into a socialist nation.
Maybe it’s the flouride the’re putting in the water.


will the real joker please stand up?

Now come on, they both can’t be the Joker.

You be the judge. Which one is pulling/has pulled the biggest joke
on America? Or is the real Joker even pictured here? The Liberals
are sure waving the race card about the recent Obama Joker poster
popping up around Los Angeles as of late. Is this picture really
racist? I don’t think so. Look who published the Bush Joker picture
last year. My thoughts are, Liberals, grow some thicker skin and
quit your crying. You guys are just as guilty of Joker smearing as
the Republitards.

It’s rumored that o’l Jack had this to say about the Obama poster:

This poster is an insult…..

to MY portrayal of The Joker.

P.S. Heath Ledger was a talented kid, but, hey,
I didn’t need to die in order to win MY Oscars.