marco brambilla: civilization

Get on the elevator to Heaven. That’s exactly what visitors to the
Standard Hotel in New York will be treated to thanks to the very
cool art installation called “Civilization” by artist Marco Brambilla.
He has created an amazing video mural that takes guests from fiery
infernos to paradise as the elevator ascends.

Watch as you ascend from Hell to Heaven.


arrl field day 2009

Heading out for Field Day 2009! Once a year in June
the ARRL sponsers Amateur Radio Field Day. It occurs
on the last full weekend of June each year and is one
of the most fun times for Hams across the country and
around the world. It’s a time for Hams to demonstrate
their ability to set up emergency communication sites
anywhere and everywhere. It’s a time to show to the
public our ability to open lines of communication to
just about anywhere in the world anytime. If you see a
group of hams and their antennas set up in a park or
campground or parking lot somewhere this weekend,
stop by and say hi. You’ll be greeted by friendly hams
from your community who are more than happy to
show you what we do and give you the dime tour. It is
well worth your time. You may even be able to Get OM
The Air if you ask.

Today a group of hams and I are going to set up a radio
site on top of Mount Pacifico in the Angeles National
Forest in preperation for field day this weekend. It’s going
to be awsome. Catch you all next week.


life in little

Remember those grade-school shoebox dioramas made with
cotton balls, sugar cubes, sand and popsicle sticks? Enter Brooklyn-
based artist Thomas Doyle’s modern take on the diorama.
Incredibly detailed small-scale sculptures which takes the diorama
to some very cool new extremes.

Doyle creates entire universes in 1:43 scale or smaller that are usually
sealed under glass (we’re talking small here.) It is only upon closer
inspection, like his work in the Bearings or Reclamations series, that one
notices these innocent looking figurines are usually in some kind of
dire peril or up to no good. Tragedy under glass. Have fun


county trying to stop home bible studies

Can this be true? Is this really happening in the United States?
Will the county of San Diego make home bible study groups
illegal within the county limits without a permit? That’s what
appears to be happening.

What are the implications here? Forget about the regular
tupperware parties and weekly poker nights, but banning
personal worship of God in regular groups at private homes?
Do any of you think that a conservative is behind this
Jack Boot tactic? Sounds kind of like a socialist stand on public
or private assembly to me not to mention the absolute theft
of individual liberties. I’d really like to know if Muslims and
their Islamo faith are included in this ban. What about
Christmas Caroling?

If this isn’t a joke, then I’ll ask: What’s next? Do any of you care?


how modern liberals think

The term liberal certainly isn’t new. It has been around
for more than 100 years. Liberalism is actually a very
noble cause but it has somehow been changed over time.
The Democratic party used to be liberal but now it is
something else. I call it socialist. The Democrats call it
“progressive” and they may be right depending on which
direction you are progressing because if their direction
is socialism, they are certainly correct. Watch this video
if you dare.


safe on the web? hardly

Beware of what you upload to the internet and beware of
what you download from the internet ought to be the first
rules of cyberspace. For all I know, they probably are. I’ve
never actually read the cyberspace rulebook before. Now
take a good look at the picture above.

How would you like to find one of your pictures that you
have uploaded to your Facebook or Myspace or regular
webpage blown up to life size and plastered to the window
of some store in another country. Well, that’s what happened
to the family pictured above. Check it out.

Incidentally, if you google image “happy family” and set the
advanced preferences to extra large files, there they are.
And boy! is it a huge picture file. Like 23.5 MB big and high