Like the article states, humans are terribly inefficient in
the water. On his best day, Michael Phelps can swim at
about 4 mph. Using this new dolphin inspired fin an
average person in good shape can swim almost twice as
fast as our olympic gold medalist. Check out the article.


elvis has left da building

Even though Elvis has left the scene, were still shakin’ here in
Southern California. California has earthquakes all the time, at
least one or two a day but they are rarely ever felt. if you check
the map you’ll see we have several each and every day.

Most people in the USA have heard of the the famous San Andreas
Fault that cuts through Southern California from north to south
and is predicted to have a giant seismic event within the next 30
years. Well that may be sooner than later “experts” think. SoCal
has experienced a series of small to moderate quakes at the south
end of the SAF in the last week with the biggest weighing in at a 4.7.

This may be it everyone, get ready, duck and cover. California just
may be the next burden on the taxpayers if the ground out here
decides to shake rattle and roll. Just a fair warning.


net disaster

This is a pretty comical page. You can desicrate any web page you want
with a variety of interesting and/or disgusting weapons at your disposal.
You can have a dog run all over the page pooping on it or have a tornado
suck all the words off the page. You can send some guy walking across
the page vomiting all over it. Check it out, it’s a trip.



Continuing the art form of graffiti into the digital relm
seems to be the goal of the WiiSpray project. Pick up
your Wii remote spray can interface, load your favorite
picture and then procede to spray paint over it with
any color/colors you want. There, doesn’t that sound
fun? Practice your favorite tag before you dress up in
black and hit the freeway under passes. I predict this
will be a hit.
I wonder if the Wii remote has that marble clacking
sound when you shake it? If it doesn’t, that’s my idea.
I copyright it! :)


high tech Navy showcase.

Holy crap! Are these guys serious? Check out high tech stuff the
Navy is buying these days. Sad thing is that this stuff will most
likely be obsolete in 10 – 20 years. Things like, high temperature
finishes/sizings for polyimide matrix composites and integrated
Variable-fidelity tool set for modeling and imulation of
aeroservothermoelasticity-propulsion (ASTE-P) effects for
aerospace vehicles ranging from subsonic to hypersonic flight.
What ? ! ? !

There are hundreds of these things to check out on page after page.
Don’t miss the adaptive space-time radar techniques and waveforms.
The hell you say!