lulin comet

Up in the sky, it’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s a Lulin?
Yep, that’s right, comet Lulin and it will be making
it’s closest aproach to planet Earth on Feburary 24th.
If you get up an hour before sunrise Tuesday morning
and there are no clouds around, you just may be able
to see it provided you live in some dark sky area. Trying
to see it from within city or suburbs will prove to be
quite difficult unless you know where it will be and have
a nice pair of binoculars. If you do see it, it should look
like it’s picture shown above. Good luck.


photoshop madness

Ever see a hand grow right out of a shoulder?

Don’t kiss this chick, She might eat your face!

Take some time and look at these photoshop hack jobs.
I mean look back at previous pages too and see the stuff
that makes it to magazines, posters, product boxes, you
name it. It is truly a crack up and most of the time we
don’t even notice this stuff. Great website, especially if
you play around with photoshop.



filth and disrespect

After listening to President Obama speak of personal responsibility to two million
people in attendance during his inauguration, I can’t believe the mall looks like
this after it’s all over. I wonder if anyone was listening. I read in an e-mail that
it cost $21,000,000.00 to clean this mess up. Well, I find that very hard to believe
but I’m sure it was a few million at least. At $21,000,000.00 that would make the
breakdown around roughly $10.50 per person. What a disgrace.


look out iphone

It looks like there is a new standard in do-it-all phones
and a lot of people will be playing catch up! Check this
dude out then tell me you don’t want one, but don’t fall
in love too quickly however: There is a catch, and it just
may be a deal-breaker

This page loads a bit slowly on my ancient computer but
will probably do alright on yours.

Now I need a shave and a good cup of coffee.