the ascent of money

A facinating interview with Niall Ferguson regarding our
global financial crisis. It’s about time people start to get
a grip on just how F*&#ed up our situation really is. Niall
seems to know just what, where, how and why things have,
did, are and will regarding our nation’s banking institution
and everything it will effect. A very interesting 12 minute
video from PBS TV’s the Tavis Smiley show. Take the time
and watch the video.

Once you have a taste for what’s possibly in store for we
Americans as well as the rest of the world, get ready for
Niall’s two hour special called, The Ascent of Money:
A Financial History of the World
. This show will take
us back around Five hundred years and chronicle money’s
influence on humans from then to now. I think it will be

The Ascent of Money will air on PBS this January 13th.
Check your local air time with the link below. After all
this, if you are left still wanting more, PBS will air a four
hour special later this year. Personally, I think this should
be mandatory viewing for all Americans.


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