falcon 1

SpaceX wrote history last Sunday as the first privately financed
company to achieve orbit with a liquid-fueled rocket.
As Elon Musk stated “this really means a lot”, it can be the beginning
of significantly lower launch costs and therefore increased number
of launches. After three unsuccessful flights, “fourth time’s a charm”
Musk said.



helping hamd


On Sunday, September 21, Bob Williams, N7ODM, of Bozeman, Montana, was
just tuning around on 40 meters, giving his rig a test just before a
scheduled QSO with his brother Rich, K7URU, in Spokane, when he heard a
faint CW signal around 1 PM (MDT): Glenn Russell Ruby Jr, W7AU, of
Corvallis, Oregon had broken his leg and was using a portable radio and
Morse code to send out a call for help. Williams said he was able to
understand the injured man’s code even when his signal became very weak.

“He called me. He must have heard me testing out the radio. When I
finished, I signed off with my call, and then I heard, ‘N7ODM, this is
W7AU/7,’ so I answered,” Williams told the ARRL. “I told him to go
ahead, I had solid copy. He told me that he was a hiker that had fallen
and broken his leg. He identified himself as Russ, provided information
as to his GPS coordinates, the shelter, food and water on hand, as well
as his detailed physical condition. He told me exactly who I needed to
contact for assistance.”

According to Williams, Ruby had slipped on a wet rock and broken his leg
while out hiking in the Buck Creek Pass area of the high Cascades in
Western Washington, 600 miles away from Williams. “Russ really had his
act together,” Williams said. “Before he even called for help, he set up
his tent. It was raining when he fell, so he climbed into his tent and
got into some warm clothes and had a snack of sunflower seeds and dried
apricots. After that, he strung up a wire antenna, fired up his Elecraft
K1 and called me.” Williams said that Ruby told him he had a “couple of
weeks worth of battery power” for the radio.

Ruby asked Williams to notify the Snohomish County Search and Rescue in
Washington State. “I didn’t have their number, so I called my local 911
dispatcher. All they had was the info for King County in Washington, so
I called them and they gave me the number for Snohomish. When I got a
hold of Snohomish County Search and Rescue, they asked me to obtain
additional info from Russ, such as the color of his tent and if he was
in a clear or wooded area, and remain in contact with him as long as
possible,” Williams said.

“Russ and I were able to maintain contact until about 8 PM on Sunday,
during which time I was able to pass additional traffic between Russ and
Search and Rescue, but then his signal got so weak where I couldn’t copy
it anymore. Before he faded, we had agreed to try and make contact in
the morning. I tried, starting around 6:30, but he never heard me. I
finally heard him calling me around 9 on 7.051 MHz. We kept in contact
until he was evacuated from the site by Search and Rescue at about 10:35
AM,” Williams told the ARRL.

On Sunday, rescue crews reached Ruby, who had set up camp on Buck Creek
Pass, at about 6000 feet just west of the Chelan County line. He was
taken to safety Monday on horseback. Williams said that bad weather
Sunday prevented a helicopter rescue: “It was snowing all night; Russ
told me that when he woke up Monday morning, his tent was all covered in

“I just happened to be at the same frequency,” Williams said. “It’s just
a stroke of luck that turned out great. It was quite an experience. I’m
just glad that he was a ham radio operator and that I was able to talk
to him. It made the difference for him. What I did was not anything
special. I’d like to think that any ham in Montana would’ve done the
same thing.”

via arrl newsletter



His quest for every beard type.

“I’ve been growing a beard every winter for some
years now, and every spring, I try to see how many
facial hair variations as I can check off from the chart
of facial hair types. Listed below are descriptions of
the 34 facial hair types from the chart, including
examples of the 24 25 variations that I’ve been able
to attain so far.”

We here at admit-one have done the beard thing
but to a much lesser extent. I am currently sporting
the “Zappa” style. What’s next? We’ll see next year.



skeptics want to know

Has the LHC created any monster planet eaters?
Speculators believe that when the incredible
power of the LHC is used, tiny black holes are created.
As we all know, nothing can escape the wrath of
a black hole, not even light. So skeptics of the LHC
really want to know if there are any black holes
falling to the core of the earth where they will consume
everything that falls their way. Physicists responses
to all of their questions…

LHC answers up


picture this, 17 years

Guy photographs himself every day for 17 years. Eleven more years
than the first guy.

When this guy started this project there was no way for him to distribute it.
He started before viral video. Before Internet video. Before digital cameras
were widely available. Thankfully, modern technology has caught up
allowing 17 years worth of pictures to become more than a really awesome
flip book.