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Honda’s Freewatt provides heat for the home with
the added benefit of electricity production.
The ultra-quiet MCHP unit produces 3.26 kilowatts
of heat and 1.2 kilowatts of electric power. Further,
it allows homeowners to reduce their utility bills and
curb carbon dioxide emissions while improving
overall energy efficiency and comfort.

Honda’s Freewatt also allows homeowners to literally
sell unused electric power back to the power grid in their

Initial sales of the heat and power units will be targeted
at customers living in the Northeastern United States
in conjunction with select local utility providers due to
the cold climate and high heating demand in the region
which allows the system to provide the greatest benefit.

1.2 kilowatts doesn’t really seem like a lot of energy but
if your unit runs all night when your house power use is
down, your meter will probably run backward… Nice.