Driving Toward Disaster

The public, and especially the mainstream media, misunderstands
the “peak oil” story. It’s not about running out of oil. It’s about the
instabilities that will shake the complex systems of daily life as
soon as the global demand for oil exceeds the global supply.
So says the article. Read on.



4 thoughts on “Driving Toward Disaster”

  1. The main point is that the “powers that be” don’t have the incentive to do something useful until a crisis comes along. When they realise they need a substitute for oil, then they’ll put in the resources to find one. The way the flawed system works is that it is difficult to show financial benefit to being farsighted/proactive.

  2. I was unaware of the single hybrid driver in the diamond lane law. See, that’s a great example of making laws that actually make sense. Bravo!

  3. So here we are, sitting on the second largest oil reserve on the planet (Iraq), and we have a supply issue? What’s wrong with this picture? Or perhaps better phrased, who’s benefiting from this picture?

  4. When my wife and I bought our Prius Hybrid, it was August of 2005 and gas was a little over $2 a gallon. Now I see that $4 a gallon is the average around Los Angeles. My next new car purchase might be the Honda Civic GX. It runs on compressed natural gas that comes from a special pump in your garage. Roughly $2 a gallon for the CNG overnight in your garage. I have slowed down evn in my hybrid – and we’re averaging 53 miles per gallon. I never bought this car to save the whales. I bought it because I wished for a way to drive the carpool lanes on the Los Angeles freeways and save a few bucks at the pump. Arnold Schwartzeneggfart (not Oprah) made that wish come true when he signed the single driver in a hybrid on the carpool lanes law…that was August of 2005. My wish came true.

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