Don’t kick this ball

Take some soccer balls marked with flags of various
countries, some good intentions and a publicity
campaign aimed at winning hearts and minds of Afghan
children in an area of southeastern Afghanistan and
mix them all together. Sounds alright eh? WRONG!

The idea of kicking something bearing the names
Allah and the prophet Mohammed is considered
deeply offensive to Muslims.


Just what the hell isn’t offensive to Muslims? File this
one under no good deed goes unpunished and call it a
day as the article states.

Here is the ever growing list:



gravia – things to come?

Gravia is an LED-lit floorlamp energized by people. To light Gravia,
the user places a mass approximately 48” above the ground, that,
in falling, powers a mechanism, generating electricity. Gravia harnesses
the potential energy imparted by the user, rather than relying on any
existing electrical infrastructure. The Gravia lamp will provide
approximately 600-800 lumens (40 watt incandescent) of light for about
4 hours. Very nice.

Clay Moulton won second place in the Greener Gadget
design competition 2008 with his Gravia and a patend is pending.


blueproximity – Lock your shit

This software helps you add a little more security
to your desktop. It does so by detecting one of your
bluetooth devices, most likely your mobile phone,
and keeping track of its distance. If you move away
from your computer and the distance is above a
certain level (no measurement in meters is possible)
for a given time, it automatically locks your desktop
(or starts any other shell command you want).

Once away your computer awaits its master back…
if you are nearer than a given level for a set time
your computer unlocks magically without any
interaction (or starts any other shell command you
want). Pretty slick.