pick set business card

The famous Kevin Mitnick of computer hacking
fame owns a security consulting business now.
Along with business comes a business card naturally.
Kevin’s card is quite unique, don’t you agree? Rather
apropos for his line of work. Well, I thought I’d share
this with you and if you are really taken by this card,
they can be had at $2.00 apiece.


A close up of his card:



Variant Frequencies

Well hello again. I said I’d recommend more podcasts
to you if I got some positive feedback on the last post
concerning SF podcasts. Well, I didn’t get dink for
comments and here I am casting more pearls before
blog readers. I’m not sure if it is apathy or just that no
one gives a shit. When it’s all said and done, I guess it is
better to spread the good news rather than horde it all
to one’s self.
Below is a link to one of the best SciFi podcasts out there
in Cyber Space. The Failed Cities Monolouges was an
excellent book and I highly recommend it to you. Please
download a few stories into your ipod and check it out.
Who knows, you may find that your MP3 device is good
for far more than you think it is.


Try this… Below is a link to the story, Last Flight of the Esperanza.
click the link and then click the “play in popup” button.
Sit back and enjoy a good 20-30 minute story. When was the
last time you rewarded yourself with a such a treat and
there was no picture in front of you?