graffiti archaeology

An interesting site that has great pictures
of graffiti from a ton of places. The unique
twist on this graffiti site is that it has photo
layers of the same places with different tags
and murals over the course of nearly ten
years. Navigating the site is relatively easy
with pan left/right and zoom in/out. Much
detail can be seen. Have a look at gangsta
pop culture.



What the hell is wrong with this picture?
Brenda Nesselroad-Slaby, an assistant principal
at an Ohio middle school is not prosecuted after
she absentmindedly forgets that her small toddler
is in the back seat of her car while she toodles off
to work with a couple boxes of doughnuts in hand.
You guessed the rest, her baby is dead now from
total heat exhaustion and dehydration. If this had
been some other childs mother I’d be willing to bet
that Brenda would be among the first to through stones
at the other mother being that she works at a school
and all, but what does the local D.A. do to ol’ Brenda?
They drop all charges of child neglect. Hmmm. What
makes Nesselroad-Slaby different from any one else
guilty of this terrible accident? Beats the shit out of me!

Small toddler dies in hot car

Now enter predicament number two, halfway across
the country. Chandler AZ police Sgt. Tom Lovejoy was
booked into Maricopa County jail in Phoenix on a
misdemeanor charge of animal cruelty after a two-week
investigation into the death of 5-year-old police dog,
“Bandit” who died of heat exhaustion after spending
11 hours in Lovejoy’s hot car. Sound familiar?
He is currently on desk duty with the Chandler Police
Department pending an internal investigation. Not to
mention, Lovejoy faces up to six months in jail or up
to $2,500 in fines. According to the article below,
Russ Hess, executive director of the United States Police
Canine Association appears to be leaning toward
prosecution. Go figure, A dog’s life means more than
the life of an innocent child. Wadafxup?

Dog dies in hot car


Running the numbers

This new series looks at contemporary American culture
through the austere lens of statistics. Each image portrays
a specific quantity of something like fifteen million sheets of
office paper (five minutes of paper use) or 106,000 aluminum
cans (thirty seconds of can consumption) and so on.
kind of frightning. At the same time the author could be lying
with statistics (or at least fibbing), who knows. You be the

Chris jordan’s series will be exhibited at the Paul Kopeikin Gallery
in Los Angeles, opening today, Sep 8. More info at:


radiation- absorbing mineral

Russian scientists in the Khibinsky Mountains in
the Arctic Circle have made an important scientific
discovery. They’ve found a new mineral which
absorbs radiation.

It does not yet have an official name and is known
only as number 27-4. It can absorb radioactivity
from liquid nuclear waste.

Can this be true? Really, Is this just B.S. or what?
If this is true, then maybe we can move forward
with more nuclear power plants for a power
starved world.

Oh yeah, by the way, what do you think of the “new”
radioactive sign. Kind of like a radiation sign for


Adopting a Kidnapper’s Creed for Education:

No Child left behind…

Poor education breeds poverty, and poverty breeds
poor education. The proposed remedies often involve
more funding for schooling, more schooling, more testing,
and now, more remedial education at the postsecondary
level, whether in two-year or four-year colleges. I think
this is a fundamentally mistaken way of looking at education
and employability. It only exacerbates the problem. And it
does so at great financial and human costs.

An interesting read by Rick Garlikov.