9v battery flashlight

When you see this you will say to yourself,
‘Why didn’t I think of that???’ How incredibly
simple and clever. At $10.00 a piece however
they are a bit on the pricey side. Now a price
of $5.00 seems a bit more reasonable or say,
two for $10.00 but you can rest assured, it
won’t be long before the Chinese are cranking
these puppies out at a buck or two a piece,
don’t you think?

In any case I sure would like to have a couple
of these things.


Once their website is available you can see
them at:


via ac6rm


2 thoughts on “9v battery flashlight”

  1. I’ve seen them in the C-Crane Catalog for radios. Can’t remember how much they are. I’ll try and look when I get home.

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