Planes, Trains, and Plantains… WTF?

Disclaimer, disclaimer, disclaimer!

If you are offended by profanity or rude gestures then
skip this link, it’s not for you.

You be the teacher. How would you grade this paper?

Amazingly enough, it appears that this paper was
actually written and submitted for grading in what I
presume would have been a High School English or
writing class. Aside from the fact that this paper is
funnier than hell, it is alarming that this kid won’t
be left behind! Think about it.
Be sure to read his entire essay.


6 thoughts on “Planes, Trains, and Plantains… WTF?”

  1. ACTUALLY, I was at his house the night before he turned it in. It was a college course, towards the end of the semester, he already had an A for the class, so it didn’t matter what he turned in for his last paper.

    Yes it’s real. Yes he was high when he wrote it. Yes it was actually graded.

  2. I would have given the kid an A just for being so funny, if you can write something that creative then your a damn good writer and could pry make it in the world of comedic writing.

  3. What’s the problem guys?

    Its not like he’s killing animals in his back yard…I’m sure its fake anyhow.

  4. The truly scary part is, they’ll probably let this friggin’ pisswhistle DRIVE. I just hope it’s nowhere near me.

  5. Ditto.
    That’s why I homeschool.
    And I think he meant “Vagrants” not “Flagrants”.

  6. I would have given him a big fat red “F”. Then I’d put his smartass in ISS and make him do janitorial work after school for a month. I got a extremely intelligent smartass teen at home. Biggest problem he has is boredom in the public schools. My guess, this kid has potential that has been lost in the public school system impacted by bad peer examples and lack of parental guidance. Pity really.

    And omg OJ just got bail!

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