This faucet light changes color with the
water temperature. Really cool, or hot
as the case may be!

Update: 9-20-07

I received my H2Glow today and I am
totally impressed. It worked flawlessly
right out of the box and perfectly too.
This e-device is totally cool.

Thank you Daniel!



8 thoughts on “H2Glow”

  1. This is an awesome idea! My folks used to keep their hot water temp to nearly boiling and I always feared my kids burning themselves when visiting. This would have prevented that. A shower head would be pretty cool too.

  2. I saw a LED faucet light on ThinkGeek and thought that was cool beans. But this is hella cool! I’m building a new bedroom/bath addition on my house right now. Have GOT get one of those!

  3. Thank you for the change. By the way, that’s not a picture of our product. I sent you an email with a picture of H2Gow.

  4. Well it looks like a pretty slick product, Good luck Daniel. It really sucks when someone steals your ideas. I’ll change the link to point to your site.

  5. I came up this this idea almost 5 years ago, but another product consumed all my time. Next thing you know this faucet light is everywhere. I’m working pretty hard to get H2Glow in everyone’s homes. I’ll send you a sample if you give me your address.

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