Just who is editing our wikipedia?

Be watchful people… Look who is editing our wikipedia.
Don’t let these rubes get away with altering truth.
Eye opening article.



2 thoughts on “Just who is editing our wikipedia?”

  1. See this is why I like your blog. So often you snag info from the same places I do. We Wired Magazine at home. Here’s what bothers me about info on the net. Good old fashioned research from the library is being replaced by opinion and half truth web sites. As our children and the next generations become more and more dependent on internet research, whats to become of our future independant thinkers? Which is why, imho, all library’s should provide online research WITHOUT having to get that damn card. And archived information from newspapers and such should be free.

    Then we might have more guys like Wally the Wall Mover around in our future.

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